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'Savoir-Faire' - Political Science Field - Common APP Transfer

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Feb 29, 2012   #1
Well, today is the last day I have to apply to a few schools with strong political science and international relations programs, so I will GREATLY appreciate any help I can with this essay!

The Question: Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.

Title: Savoir-Faire

The career path I have chosen for my life will challenge the limits of my intelligence and responsibility. Such challenges will test my knowledge and experience for which I will need to be prepared through extensive education. With the degree I will earn through transferring I will be able to become more efficient in my ability to surpass these challenges. By continuing my education, I hope to make myself a more effective agent of peace and diplomacy in the United States' dealings with foreign powers.

As I was leaving George Washington Academy, an American school located in Casablanca, Morocco, a friend of mine rushed up to me and invited me over to his house. I agreed and, with my mother's permission, went to his house, a small villa just outside of Casablanca. I met his family, who had only been living in Morocco for a few months. They were from Wisconsin. I learned that my friend's father worked as an American representative for the United Nations. They told me they had travelled to many countries in the world, experiencing many cultures. I was fascinated by the stories they had to tell and I decided I would dedicate my life to understanding the many other cultures and the roles those cultures play in the modern world.

Upon my enrollment to St. John's University, I thought I would be able to gain knowledge and experience for the job I seek to fulfill. It is a campus in New York City, where internships are not hard to grasp, and is one of the most diverse schools in the country. Being a New Yorker, I believed it was a perfect fit. However, many professors were uptight and unapproachable. The workload was unbelievably lax, and the majority of students had no desire to inform themselves of foreign affairs. I feel as if the atmosphere is immature, and uninformed in a sense. Being a commuter is also a bit troublesome. I believe to have the best education you will need to journey away from home and learn in a new and different environment. If I am to work abroad, I will need this experience.

By transferring I hope to open to increase my capacity to understand the cultures of many countries, and to further my develop my knowledge and experiences of the political world around me.

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