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I always saw them asking for help; Princeton- "Princeton in the Nation's Service"

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Dec 14, 2013   #1
2. Using the statement below as a starting point, tell us about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world. "Princeton in the Nation's Service" was the title of a speech given by Woodrow Wilson on the 150th anniversary of the University. It became the unofficial Princeton motto and was expanded for the University's 250th anniversary to "Princeton in the nation's service and in the service of all nations." - Woodrow Wilson, Princeton Class of 1879, served on the faculty and was Princeton's president from 1902-1910.

I always saw them on the side of the bustling roads holding cut-out pieces of cardboard boxes. I always saw them asking for help- not denying any form in which it may come- occasionally receiving it through money or food. I always saw them constantly getting rejected. As a result of this rejection, I always saw them relocate in hopes of finding a place where their luck could be increased. The problem was I only saw- I never took the initiative to add actions to my sight. For many years I did this.

When I was twelve years old, I joined my church's youth group to go throughout downtown to feed the homeless. I was very anxious to be part of this opportunity because I did not have any idea what to expect. I had absolutely no idea how much it would all touch me. The day finally came. When we arrived to our designated area to set-up, it was as if people knew we would be coming. In the area, we did not place grand posters everywhere to inform the public; we did not have a loudspeaker to make an announcement, but they came. Getting an "up close and personal" model of those that I would often see on the sides of the roads gave me a feeling of regret. I soon started to wish I did all those previous years differently.

I would have never imagined that a brief moment of handing out bowls of hot chili and bags of Fritos would change my whole outlook on life. That very moment was the occurrence that made me realize how important it is to serve others. I will never forget the brightly lit up face of a man who received a hot bowl of chili. His wide smile closely replicated and reminded me of the smile I made when I received my first pink, Barbie bike on my seventh birthday- and boy was I happy! Both situations expressed a happiness that could not be contained, although they were the result of two completely different things. His smile is what made me fully comprehend that service is one of the most rewarding concepts anyone can be a part of.

My knowledge of Princeton expresses loudly to me its passion for service, and knowing that my passion for service mirrors its passion for service...

opinions please? :)
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Dec 14, 2013   #2
Your opening paragraph is perfect and I would leave as it is. However, I would try to find a better way to transition from the first paragraph to the second. perhaps you could begin the second paragraph with something like

"It wasn't until I was twelve years old, when I joined my church's youth group, that I was given the opportunity to act. With this youth group I was able to go throughout..."

Also, I think it would be interesting if you specified which downtown, Downtown Miami? Downtown Chicago? Where ever you are from.

You could also focus more on that interaction you had with the man who smiled. Perhaps mention the gratitude and how it is important. And you could explain the importance of helping those in need.
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Dec 15, 2013   #3
My new ending: any opinions?
Princeton's involvement in "the service of all nations" expresses loudly to me its passion for serving others, and knowing that my passion for service mirrors its passion for service speaks volumes. Woodrow Wilson and all the men who made Princeton are no longer here, but through Princeton their legacy as people who view service to family, work, and the community as their duty continues to live through the staff and those that attend. I also hope to be a part of this service.
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Dec 16, 2013   #4
your essay is soo cool. i like the introduction

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