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'I saw many leaders' - Global Ugrad exchange program

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Apr 12, 2012   #1
Please describe your idea of good leadership. Who do you think is a good leader, and why? What is one of his/her leadership traits that you admire? Please provide an example of when you have been a leader. How have you utilized your leadership skills in handling any difficult interactions with someone from another culture or background?

Word limits:should not exceed 1000 words. Mine is about 950.
Feel free to comment and share your ideas. Thanks in advance

These modern days, when I think of a Leader what first comes into my mind is the need of many firms and companies. Personally, I define the "leadership" as the set of traits that change the course, introduce a motive and fire the hopes with the purpose of group success. Generally, leaders are meant to be trustee of a particular group for being an extraordinary and outstanding. It is a person who finds a key to positive achievement, somebody whom people can trust and back up. In my opinion, leadership skills are the product of many years practice and patience, which implies to be more of "nurture" character.

Through my life, I saw many leaders at my school time, in my work place, around my friends, but all of those leaders were incomparable to the leader whom I know for many years, whose leadership skills I could read out from that time when I have started to understand the meaning of a "leader". My father is the person whom I think as a good leader, because of his unique traits and words that he says: "Believe me; it is going to be alright". These are words, seem to me as glimmer of hope that brings back something which is going to be forgotten or abandoned. When they are spoken softly with a smile on the face, I think every son would believe that problem will turn out to be positive and colorful. Among all of his traits being a confident, sharp-witted, positive and having problem-solving skills, I admire him for his former trait that makes my Dad to be lighted up among all of the leaders that I know so far. Having my father as a leader and head of our family, I have never had such days when I doubted upon my Dad's capabilities of being a leader. It is for sure that I can say that not only words play an essential role in solving a problem, but also the actions that follow them up are of great importance.

Since, I have understood what it means to be a leader of some kind of group or organization, I have tried to shape my own personality and build up my character to become a true leader some days. The process of learning was not so difficult, because I used to see a leader every day. It is for sure to say that my Dad applied lots of efforts to shape my personality by giving sensible advices in times I was in need of them. The days of learning were full of ups and downs, where every fail was sort of lesson to understand what it really means to listen, power and energize people around. These days, having thought of my father's intellectual work I can say exactly that it was not useless. It has started to give its results since my school years, when our class decided to organize a school donation on behalf of less fortunate children. What I did not expect is that my teacher decided to make me a leader, because of my past experience of holding a class and being a face of our group. My responsibilities were to inform every class in school about this event in a way that everybody will be aware of donation. At the first glance, the job seemed to be not difficult to cope with if there would not be time constraint that I have been isolated with.

All in all, I had my 10 days to ensure that every one is aware of donation. There were many ideas to deliver the message, but most of them were not effective to reach out those people who less care about what happens around. At last, I have decided to gather class monitors and inform them of our school event. Totally, we have spent 2 days to prepare some hand outs and make our presentation for delivering the message. The donation was successfully accomplished and organized due to applied efforts and our overall team work. Even today, I remember that my school leadership activity, because of its coverage, complexity and interest that it aroused in me. Today, having member of those days I can say that my Dad's efforts of teaching me to be a leader were successful, because still it gives me upper hand in many situations.

However, I did not have a chance so far to use my leadership skills in dealing with any complex interactions with somebody from another background. Perhaps, I will be using my abilities of being a true leader during my studies in US. I am sure that I am capable of managing the team and solving the problems, due to many years experience and practice.

These days, I hold an opinion that everything, what I have been learning from my Dad during the years of my leadership understanding, is extremely important. Currently, I do believe that there will be days, when I will be saying: "Believe me; it is going to be alright".

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