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SCAD Fashion Marketing and Management Statement of Purpose

nomodomo 1 / -  
Jan 10, 2018   #1
The statement should be no more than 500 words in length and should give an overview of the applicant's academic and personal experience, describing the preparation for and commitment to further study at SCAD, as well as educational and professional goals and aspirations.

my ambitions in regard to fashion industry

Feelings, expression, and energy what fashions brings out to the public. I have learned fashion is not just about clothes and trends, but about everything around us from the street in the cities to our ideas that inspire us. It is the very essence of what comes from inside of us that makes fashion. My love for fashion began When I was gifted a Project Runway fashion design set, and from that day on my love for fashion grew. My passion for fashion was not a smooth ride. I had struggled with my body image and my overall confidence in myself, which made it tough to dress the way I wanted to. During that time, I thought that I was not worth being stylish and creative because of my body, but in the last couple of years, I have changed, and my perspectives of myself are different. I grew up and have come to be a confident and strong woman. My hardships taught me fashion is not about what I wear and how I look, but an art form for a creative outlook to express myself and who I am as a person.

Majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management at SCAD's will help me achieve my objective in working in the industry as a buyer, as well as teaching me the skills and values to run and have my own clothing brand. There so many other ambitions I want to accomplish my top one would to motivate and inspire others to love themselves and have confidence in their clothes and their style. Taking part in size inclusivity in the industry and making it a powerful statement and worldly accepted is my purpose to accomplish in the industry. In the future after I have progressed in the industry I desire to have my own fashion magazine where there are no gender, racial and size boundaries, it will be raw, real and to display the realness of fashion and beauty and not stereotype representation formulated by the media.

Upon my visit to SCAD's Savannah, I was overwhelmed with the amount of creativity in the environment not just from the school but the city as well. While talking to faculty at SCAD, they showed to me the amount of commitment and experience they offer for students in all majors and the benefits of the fashion marketing and management major. My admission to SCAD will improve my artistic and enterprising skill while instilling in me the skills that are going to take me further in the fashion industry; as well as providing me different cultural experiences in its exciting locations. I desire to carry my experiences and skill from SCAD into my career in a fashion company such as Zara, Nordstrom, Gucci and even my own company in the future.

Holt - / 7,580 2001  
Jan 10, 2018   #2
Normaris, you only described your personal experience and interest in fashion and design in this essay. There is no reference to your academic experience that would illustrate a preparedness to take this course at the university. You must reference your academic preparation because the institute you are planning to enroll in considers any previous academic preparations, or even short term courses, even seminars attended, would be acceptable in this instance. Simply having an interest and ambition to succeed in the field of Fashion and Marketing is not enough to assure you of being able to perform academically as a student. Without ample preparation to undertake this competitive and demanding field, you may find yourself struggling during the academic year. That is why the reviewer is asking you to explain the type of prior academic preparation that you have undertaken in order to assure yourself of successfully completing this course.

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