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'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne; Princeton - Quote

Millin Gabani 10 / 22 1  
Dec 27, 2012   #1
Using a favorite quotation from an essay or book you have read in the last three years as a starting point, tell us about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world. Please write the quotation, title, and author at the beginning of your essay.

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"Joy, love, freedom, happiness, laughter. That's what it is. And if you just experience joy sitting there and meditating for an hour, by golly, do that. If you experience joy eating a salami sandwich, then do that!"

-'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne

The above quote is said by Neale Donald Walsch which is quoted in 'The Secret'. The book reveals the great secret of life i.e. Law of Attraction. According this law, we attract what we feel. The quote by Walsch tells us that we should feel good to attract good and one way to manifest it is to do what we love. This book has been my core source of inspiration for past 6 years. Every time I read the book, I come closer to the Law of Attraction and using the Law of Attraction to manifest what I want in life. This year, I experienced the best part of the Law of Attraction which is to do what we love.

In March 2012, my grade 12 High School Certificate exams (HSC exam or final exams) were conducted. I was happy with my performance in exams. In April 2012, after the exams,it was time to prepare for competitive exams. The competitive exams are the entrance exams that are conducted by many good universities; the result of competitive exams is the only factor that is considered for the admission of students in these universities. The term "competitive exams" was framed because it created a competition among the students for getting admission in good universities. I was applying in three competitive exams and all the three exams were conducted in starting of May 2012 with three days gap provided for each exam.

By end of April 2012 my preparation for these exams were almost completed, but I could not attend the exams because of my ill health. I became victim of malaria. It caused so intense fever and weakness that I was discharged after nine days from the hospital. After I was cured, I requested the three committees of the competitive exam for a retest, but due to their terms and condition it was not possible. I was stressed and concerned about my engineering future.

After few days, my HSC exams result was announced. I graduated high school with excellent result. A ray of hope illuminated my life's dark room. I started to prepare a document consisting of my high school grades, extracurricular achievements and personal qualities and sent it with a request to some universities in which I wished to get enrollment. Months passed by and despite of my good result and extracurricular achievements I was not offered admission is any university.

My hope to get admitted in 2012 in a good university was almost shattered and then in 17th Aug 2012 I received a letter from dean of Nirma University with an admission offer. The letter stated that the admission team was impressed by my good academic and extracurricular performance. They requested me to visit university soon and pay fees and confirm admission as last due date of fees was 21 Aug 2012. My family was very excited to hear this news and I was feeling ebullient. We all started planning for packing and shopping essential for a freshman. After three days, I along my grandfather and father headed to Nirma University which was at a distance of 5 hour drive. We reached the university at 4:30 PM on 21st Aug 2012, the administrator informed us to pay fees by 5:30 PM that day as it was office closing time.

While heading to pay fees I felt a sudden panic. I discussed my feeling with my elders. My grandfather tried to explain me that the panic might be of leaving home or joining new community and he tried to persuade me to join the university (as many students after giving competitive exams did not receive admission in it). I knew from inside that it was not one of the panics my grandfather tried to explain. My heart was not willing to join university. I was thinking for an hour about the reason of panic but did not found it. When the university's office closing time was near, my father asked me that what I had decided. He said "son, what do you feel? ". The word 'feel' was epiphany for me to make my decision. I remembered the quote from the book and it lingered in my mind as if suggesting me to feel good. After considering the facts and feelings, I decided to leave for home.

I was relaxed from inside, my panic and fear vanished. While travelling back to home I was thinking that why I was relieved form inside despite my future dream of engineering was not fulfilled. While thinking I realized that my desire was to do engineering form a world renowned university. My dream was to study from the best university in the world and excel in my dreams. Thus link by link the mystery was solved why my heart acted abnormally.

Now, life is clear in front of me. I had learned to make decisions by my own. The book also taught that if one decide to follow the inner joy of his life, the universe give him what he adore. I would like the reader of the essay to once read the book or watch the movie - 'The Secret'.

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Please provide any grammatical errors in essay ? Also give your suggestion.
Salikron 5 / 21 1  
Dec 27, 2012   #2
Your eassy is good for me. ^^
Your writing have great unity, suppose, and coherence. ^^
Actually, I'm very very enjoyed about your experince.
The Secret does really work.>//<
OP Millin Gabani 10 / 22 1  
Dec 27, 2012   #3
Dear salikron ,
The secret works. You must watch the movie or read the book which one you prefer. I am sure you will find success following you.

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