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seeking knowledge and commitment to service are integral parts of the spelman experie

sagittarius94 1 / 5  
Jul 4, 2012   #1
As a young girl, my most heartfelt ambition was to become a Spelman woman and a successful attorney. When i hear of the term "Spelman woman" i think of a legacy of extraordinary women who are disciplined,dedicated and professional who come from diversed backgrounds. Becoming one ofthese prestigious women is beyond my wildest dream. Now as i enter into my senior year of high school, i still hose those same ambitions that i instilled into myself as a young girl. Throughought the seventeen years i have been on this Earth i have sought upon knowledge from every book i could possibly get my hand upon, with the commitment to keep learning.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jul 5, 2012   #2
Becoming one oftheseof these prestigious women is beyond my wildest dream.

Nice sentence :)
OP sagittarius94 1 / 5  
Jul 5, 2012   #4
Growing up in a small town in Georgia where people have very little education and the average income here is 20,000 dollars,is not the life i want my family or i to live. It is my aspiration to leave this proverty stricken town. So everyday i open up a book no matter if its an encyclopedia or Reader's Digest to obtain some knowledge. When i was a little girl my grandma would always tell me "Baby, you're gonna be somebody,even if i have to work my fingers to the bone." For all those years my grandma was my motivation to do well in school. But in 2007, my motivation died. I was twelve years old. That was when i started upon my path of destruction. When i became a freshman in 2009 i wasn't what you would call an exceptional student. That year i only made grades that would get me promoted to the next grade. I finally made a change when the guidance counselor, Mrs. Banks, called me into her office and had a really good talk with me. That talking to changed my mindset on school and what it took to accomplish my goals in life. The next year i enrolled into many challenging classes to help boost my GPA. That year my grade point average went from a 2.7 to a 3.2. In some ways i feel as if my grandma was speaking to me through Mrs.Banks.

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