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'I was sent to one of the best schools' - world you come from. UC application

tanya kumari 1 / -  
Sep 30, 2012   #1
There I was, standing all alone at the exit of San Francisco airport. My life was going to start afresh and I had to prove my worth to everyone once again. I was just sixteen years old when I moved to the United States, to pursue my goals. All I had with me were my families' encouragement, best wishes and moral support. I wasn't used to handling such situations alone but I was determined to achieve my goal so I mustered up my courage and walked into my new life.

Born and brought up in a typical Indian joint family my dad, mother, little brother and me still managed to create our own little forest of happiness and joy. My family always respected modest and traditional values. My parents played the greatest role in shaping up my future; helped me overcome all the difficulties in my life, and made me dream of excellence and be more of an aspiring person. They've encouraged me to accomplish the incredible things in life, which culminated into the development of my own self.

I was sent to one of the best schools in the town. The encouragement from my teachers, an ambience of discipline; high educational standards and a competitive spirit amongst my peers at school, motivated me to actively participate in various academic and extracurricular activities like science and biology educational tournaments; community service and leadership activities. I feel the school has played a major role in building my self-confidence and esteem because I got the strength and positive outlook to find my way out of a challenging situation. Being it the place that prepared me to life, I owe it to them for making me the most courageous and highly determined person.

In the summer of 2011, I was in for a pleasant surprise when my parents decided to send me to the US to pursue my education in better and academically advanced schools. It was a magnificent opportunity, imparting me a chance to excel and acquire better skills in life.

To begin with, I lived with my aunts' family here, but without my parents around, I started feeling lonely and insecure. I did face tough times, adapting to a totally different environment and culture in a different country. The schooling here was rather more tough and competitive than the one in India. But I somehow managed to cope up with the initial difficulties and was determined to pursue my educational goal. I tried to take part in a lot of extra-curricular and community service activities to focus on something worthwhile beyond academics too and not get depressed. I was able to overcome the problems faced during this transitional period through diligence and a strong will power.

As I reflect on the person I have become today I see that the personal and academic challenges I faced in both my worlds has taught me the real meaning of independence and complications in life. I aspire to pursue my bachelors (with biology as a major) at a University which is reputed to have excellent academic environment and diverse culture. By continuing my university education, I shall have greater prospects for a cutting edge career in my life

kathytheson 5 / 12  
Oct 10, 2012   #2
i like your intro and how it drew me into the story

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