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"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us" - Every goal in life is determined by the actions

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Nov 8, 2014   #1
Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extracurricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

Every goal in life is determined by the actions we do right now. Experiences and feelings have a lesson to teach us something new that could later on be applied in the future even if its blurry for some people. Since I was a kid I always dreamed of being an architect that would change the world and make it a better a place. Activities in school are contributing their bit on the person I want to be, similarly to those special ones that will become available for me during college. Their contributions will be formidable and difficult to vanish.

National Honor Society was a spark that motivated me to help the others. In this organization I feel part of a great team that work for the common good of the others.One of the most satisfying moments I have in this organization is helping out in the community. My peers and I are always aware about our responsibilities in the organization; we show up to every meeting and contribute our ideas when are needed. We need to represent a good model for the other students in the school. An architect is a person that need to be passionate in his field and Honor Society makes me feel passionate of what I do.

Tennis is a rigorous and elegant sport that demands complex abilities. And sometimes it may appear difficult to play when other players have more experience in the court than me. As any other journey preparing what you are going to need during it, is an essential part. In my journey setting a goal is the start up. My goals need to be realistic so that I can be capable to push my body to its limits without sacrificing safety. By breaking those into smaller goals allow me to accomplish them effectively in a specific time period and organize myself each day; in this manner I could avoid stress and reduce the risk of quitting.

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us" Architecture classes will guide me through a process to get in contact with people that will benefit from buildings, homes, parks. Cities are the heart of the civilization whereby they need attention and constant changes to keep its culture vibrant and at the same time useful for the daily activities. I think having a sense of community in the place you live in and always reaching out and proving as much help as you can to others and your community is by far one of the best qualities one can have. It's so inspiring how this career can truly just change the essence of a society. Being part of an architecture class will motivate me to be innovative in ways that would shape the buildings and turn them into useful tools and even masterpieces for the good of individuals.

The school and colleges activities will reinforce my values and perceptions, which will allow me: to be a goal seeker thirsty of new horizons; passionate of the things I do, especially when its for the common good. I will take advantage of all these opportunities in life, employing them wisely to change the course of the world.
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Nov 9, 2014   #2
I have now thoroughly read your essay and I have to say that you did not answer the essay prompt at all. You are supposed to respond to the question by relating your activities to your chosen major. Explain how your activities have helped to prepare you for the academic demands of your course. Instead, you are telling us stories about your activities and what you do there. Without relating it to your college prep work at all. You need to make the connection and discuss it within the essay. At the moment, your essay is disconnected from the prompt because, even though you talk about what you learned during your participation in these activities, you have not told us how these activities have prepared you for the various facets of your academic career. For example, when you tell us that tennis is an elegant and rigorous sport that demands complex abilities. Relate that to the way that architecture demands you to create geometric shapes and angles, similar to those created by a tennis serve or movement, then turning it into a reality as a complex and admirable building. Or something along those lines. Responses such as those are what this essay prompt requires as answers.

Home / Undergraduate / "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us" - Every goal in life is determined by the actions
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