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'Sheltered / Children shop for school' - University of British Columbia prompts

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Explain how you responded to a significant challenge that you have encountered and what you learned in the process. (maximum 200 words

I have been helped and sheltered all my life. The summer of sophomore year I worked for a month in a highly touristic cafĂŠ in France. While I was at the cafĂŠ, I had no parents or friends there for me to lean on. I faced challenges such as homesickness, handling occasional angry customers, and being in charge of myself. I was the only sixteen year old in a crew of twenty-five to forty year olds. It pushed me to become more mature and self- reliant. There was a specific incident in which I spilled a bottle of Coca-Cola. Before my time as a waitress, I would have waited for help or consolation. That was when I quickly realized that I was on my own. Nobody would help me because it was expected that I could manage myself, as a fully working adult. I quickly went to clean the mess and fix the damage done without second-guessing myself or asking my supervisors. It made me realize that I have become self reliant and responsible for all my actions.

Tell us about an experience, in school or out, that caused you to rethink or change your perspective. What impact has this had on you? (maximum 200 words)

I volunteered for a day with a non-profit organization to help children shop for back to school. During the time we were shopping, Miguel set his eyes on an Angry Birds shirt. I told him that we had a budget but we could come back and get it if we had enough of money left over. At the cash register my heart dropped as they announced we were fifteen dollars over. Miguel was clearly trying to hide his disappointment. In that heart-wrenching moment I realized that this was probably not the first time Miguel had had his heart shattered by something he couldn't have. Not only did it make me thankful for what I have, but it made change my perspective on my decision making. Miguel was capable of letting it go, and it made me realize that sometimes I have to be able to make decisions based on what I need and not what I want. It now impacts the choices I make for myself by reminding me to choose what is best for me even if it may not be what I want.

Describe your most significant leadership experience. Why do you consider this your most significant role? (maximum 200 words)

My most significant role as a leader was when I had to train two new volunteers at the hospital. It was my first time training alone and I had never trained two people at one time. I had the sole responsibility of teaching them well and taking initiative in telling them what to do. I also received the burden of being responsible for their training and their safety as well as the patients' safety who were unknowingly used in the training. I think it was significant in that I was able to come out of my shell and tell them exactly what to do with confidence. I knew I had to step up because no one would be there to help me. I was the leader and these two trainees looked up to me for everything. It was significant in that it helped me assert myself and it eased me into becoming a leader.

Describe your most significant group work experience including the role you played and your contributions. (maximum 200 words)

My junior year our biology class was investing in a project to help complete the international DNA barcoding database. As a group, we had to be able to code the Sebastes rock fish, but our roles as individuals were crucial. Within this group of thirty students, we were each assigned specific roles. I played a part in pipetting very precise amounts of mixer and enzymes in the test tubes to help cut the DNA . Although these contributions were seemingly small, my work helped to set the groundwork for the future analyses of the DNA. I brought a key component to the table and helped with the progression of the project. I took my role very seriously and did not allow myself to slip up for the sake of the group. Although the role I played was significant, it would not have been meaningful without the whole group effort.

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