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shows like Lizzie McGuire - BOSTON COLLEGE SUPPLEMENT

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Dec 30, 2013   #1
In his novel, Let the Great World Spin, Colum McCann writes: "We seldom know what we're hearing when we hear something for the first time, but one thing is certain: we hear it as we will never hear it again. We return to the moment to experience it, I suppose, but we can never really find it, only its memory, the faintest imprint of what it really was, what it meant." Tell us about something you heard or experienced for the first time and how the years since have affected your perception of that moment.

Forever. The word forever hits a trigger in me. When I hear the word forever it reminds me of when I was 10 and I would be laying on my bed thinking to myself that I wish my forever would be to never grow up and stay a teenager forever . Yet nothing lasts forever, but nothing resonates as well as forever with teenagers. Why? Well, because one cannot imagine, being this person, that it will not last forever. One can definitely see this being evident in our present day society. Everything from young literature novels to the internet. Where it feels as though nothing changes, because nothing that occurs there happens in real life where time is present. So whenever I hear the word forever be it in a song or in a book it takes me back. I am ten years old just wishing for the day I become a teenager comes. My mind goes straight to tv shows like Lizzie McGuire which centers around three teenagers going through daily adventures that a teenager experiences in life. I waited my whole life for this moment. Moments like when I would go with my dad's high school students on road trips or when I would be dropped of at his office. Distinctly, do I remember how I saw everything rose-colored .I'd see them wearing clothes I would die to wear or how they seem to have much more interesting things to do after school than myself or most people. When that moment actually came for me it did not disappoint me. Even though, not everything was as rose-colored as I made it out to be, within it lies a certain magic about it that makes it so wonderful to experience. My forever which I felt would be being a teenager, does not mean that is the best time in one's life but certainly a time that feels very peculiar. Now that I come closer to the end of this chapter of my life I have certainly enjoyed exploring why this phase in my life feels so remarkably peculiar and why I will miss it so much.

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Jan 1, 2014   #2
Content is good, just made a few grammatical suggestions. Also, you use the words forever and teenager a lot, I know they're two words that are central to your main theme, but maybe try to cut down the number of times you use them. Overall really good!

i feel that you develop yourr idea very well
just some grmmar mistakes as mentioned above

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