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Most significant challenge you have faced (dormitory life) and why MIT course 6-2 appeals to me

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Nov 3, 2018   #1
I would appreciate any kind of help.

"Which department appeals to you and why"
"Just because" was a never good enough answer for my questions. I want to know how everything work to the last detail, and this curiosity introduced me to a fascinating science called physics. However, my interest in computer science came from my enthusiasm for mathematics and problem solving. Since my school doesn't offer computer science course, I taught myself how to code from online courses. I still remember feeling so happy and accomplished when I solved problems from Hackerrank's online course "30 days of code" without any help. MIT Course 6-2 seems perfect fit for me since it gives me opportunity to explore both of my interests equally.- I over 100 words limit help

most significant challenge you've faced or something important that didn't go according to plan. How did you manage the situation?
Freshman of high school year, I moved to capital city to enroll one of the most prestigious school in my country. Since my family didn't had a house there, I had to live in university dorm.

As a shy introvert middle schooler, who always lived with his family, living alone and taking care of myself was difficult at first. In my first month of living in a dorm; I would always find myself wearing headphones, so I don't have to talk to my roommates, or missing first courses because I overslept. After lengthy one month of lonely evenings and multiple meetings with counselor, I realized

I was doing an injustice to myself. When I can learn from this experience and exceed my potential, I was using it as excuse to dodge my responsibilities. I started changing myself little by little: making small conversation with my roommates, making daily schedules. 3 months later when my family finally got an apartment,

not only I had many friends in my dormitory, but I also did well in managing my time, which helped me do well academically win several physics competition that year.

Living alone helped me overcome my shy personality and developed my time management skill. Adapting to different environment was one of the most significant challenge I faced, but it was one of the biggest blessing in my life too.

This one feels so choppy. I just cant make it better
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Nov 4, 2018   #2
Hi Baba,

I feel that you essay is not academic enough, please do check to the applied university if this is okay. Doing your essay more academically can make your sentence more efficient thus reducing your words count. Try to search for a synonym of some inefficient sentence.

e.g "I still remember feeling ..." can be turned into " I remember feeling exhilarated and accomplish upon my completion of the first coding online course I had taken."

I also feel your first statement in which you're fascinated by physics led you to your interest of computer science is not efficient. You can go straight forward and explain why you like computer science.
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Nov 4, 2018   #3
Thanks for feedback.

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