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Significant experiences that you have had that helped to define you as a person? ACET

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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here. I need some help in my essay.
Thank you in advance!

Being in the teenage stage is a difficult part not merely because this period needs the value of responsibility and independence, but also, this is the time for a person to face the realities of life. This is the most critical part of someone's life because if he is improperly guided, he might, someday, be a pest of our society. Teenagers often experience difficulties and struggles in school and at home. The troubles they are facing can be their reason to be a better or a worse person. As a teenager, the experiences, especially the failures and the mistakes I had done, have shaped me to be a well-rounded person. Taking full responsibility to my actions whether it is ethical, discerning what is right from wrong, making decisions wisely, being strong that any storm occurs I still stand, and pursuing my dreams without stopping are the characteristics that I have developed since I first encounter a failure. Although failures have the high probability of producing negative effects on many people, I still bear in mind that I have to take these positively and consider it as a lesson.

School is the place where we are taught in different fields such as Mathematics, Science and English. But it is also the place where we learn how to deal with life because of the successes and failures we encounter. Every student spends most of their time in school than at home. It is also in the school that students experience more of their ups and downs which formed their personalities and attitudes. Every one of us wants to get the fruits of our labor. If a person is not awarded or recognized accordingly, he will deem that he is being evaluated unfairly which may result to the stoppage of exerting of effort. I believe that this kind of scenario happened to me several times. Most of my downs occurred in my high school level.

When I graduated elementary level, I was the salutatorian of our batch. I whole-heartedly accepted that I did not become the valedictorian because I know that I did not perform well in the class. But, after that, I pledged to myself that when I enter high school, excelling in academics and co-curricular activities will be my priority. If the effort is still insufficient, I will push myself to the limit until I acquire my goal - to rank first in the overall academic standing. In my first year in high school, I was very exuberant since all my efforts are bearing fruits. Topping the overall list of honors from first quarter to third quarter made me expect that in the last quarter I will be able to achieve my biggest aspiration. My teacher also assured me that if I can keep up my record up to the third quarter, I will rank first in our batch in the last quarter. In the end, the whole world was crashing down on me. It is like I had felt the most painful thing ever. All the hardships and sleepless nights of studying were totally wasted. I only placed second in the overall academic list. Honestly, I even thought that teachers are having their favoritism. But as days went by, I came to realize and accept that I became over-confident so I was not able to maintain my grades. Because of so much expectation, that failure almost stopped me from exerting effort and interest in studying. Instead of losing hope and preventing myself from being productive, I told myself with conviction that no matter how many failures I will face in life, I will just ignore it and continue to move forward for a better and clearer future.

"Try and try until you succeed." Unwittingly, this saying became the principle of my life as a high school student. I never give up on something until I acquire what I want. As long as I'm alive and breathing, I will not stop achieving the things that will satisfy my aspiration. In the pursuit of my goal in my second year in high school, I tripled the efforts and hardships that I applied in my first year. I devoted almost of my time for studying and for the activities in school. Because of my commitment and responsible acts, I was elected as the Student Body Organization (SBO) treasurer, which became one of the greatest achievements I had attained in high school. It developed me to be a humble, responsible and a vigilant leader of the school. I had seen the irregularities and problems of the student body and the school that made me to construct an immediate course of action. Even though I am still young and inexperienced, I was able to share what I had in mind which is for the good of the school. I really prospered in my second year not only in the co-curricular activities but also in the academic aspect. For the first time, all my efforts bore fruit. I and the one, who topped in the first year in academic list, had a very close rank and grades. I think we were only points distant to each other. With perseverance, determination and faith in myself and in God, I was able to succeed my competitor. Knowing that I have achieved my goal, I felt the bliss that God gave me.

I still don't have an ending for this. Any suggestions?
Please, if there are grammatical errors, other incorrect use of words or sentence structure or anything, feel free to comment. Thank you in advance.

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