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Single mom pharmacy admission

Stewartalyssa25 1 / -  
May 21, 2019   #1

My daughter and admission to pharmacy school

"Three days and she'll be six years old", I think to myself midst the chaos of the workday. The sounds of anxiety and pain bouncing off the trays and the echoing phones surround me. Here we are pushing through, waiting for the hands to reach the end. In three days she will be six years old, where does that leave me?

- I'm currently writing my admission to pharmacy school as to why i chose pharmacy and how i can contribute. I'm a single mom... And would like to include my daughter in this. She has pushed me and has been every reason for my success thus far. Any feedback appreciated.

Maria - / 1,099 389  
May 21, 2019   #2
Hi there! Welcome to the platform.

I think that the direction that you want to take your essay in is interesting and truly touching. For one, I think that you should focus more on creating a structure that would lead you into actually discussing how your daughter has affected your life. For instance, don't be afraid to tackle how her birth felt like for you. You can detail this as intimately as possible to build empathy in the text. Furthermore, I would also recommend that you focus on expounding on specific moments that you think have contributed to your choosing. Was there an instance that had happened in your daughter's life that had made you choose to be admitted to pharmacy school? Why specifically have you chosen this field for your studies? How do you think this will contribute to your life as a single mother? By answering fundamental questions, you'll be able to expound as to why you have chosen this path.

If you'd like more detailed feedback, next time you can incorporate personal details (with discretion, of course) and link this altogether with why you have chosen this path. This will give us a clearer picture as to your goals and admissions in life.

Best of luck!

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