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'slap' and 'pop' - Common App short answer (Extracurricars)

jineshwar1995 1 / 6  
Oct 12, 2012   #1
I have written the following essay for the extracurriculars section (1000 characters) It is exceeding the word limit. Please help.

Rejoicing to the'slap' and 'pop' is merely becoming a habit. I have always been fond of music. Like any other small kid in the town, initially, I did not know the different genres of music. But as time flew, my mind blew. When I was thirteen and still experimenting with my small keyboard , I realized that I was able to pick up some tunes and songs of Bollywood movies without much difficulty after trying a tune that I had heard on the television. Being surprised at my newly discovered eccentric talent, from that time onwards my interest in music has just risen at a tremendous rate. It eventually became a part of me. In grade 10 I formed a band with my friends and took up the bass guitar. It turned out to be very a very interesting instrument.I play the bass guitar almost everyday. I keep discovering new songs and try to pick up famous and challenging bass lines and also try to make some of my own. I somehow made my way to becoming the bassist of the school band and the journey has been phenomenal. Playing the bass has lead to an evoking phase.
beibeibajin 4 / 6 1  
Oct 12, 2012   #2
turned out to be very a very interesting
Diana Safiy 2 / 5  
Oct 12, 2012   #3
That's great :) btw I have been playing piano while singing for more than 11 years or so ; I have the same story :)
OP jineshwar1995 1 / 6  
Oct 13, 2012   #4
wow! thats awesome! maybe we should jam sometime lmao xD

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