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'small classes and discussion board' - Tennessee Tech HONORS PROGRAM ESSAY

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Apr 30, 2012   #1
Why do you want to join the Tennessee Tech Honors Program?

The Honors Program is known worldwide for its ability to challenge and help students become scholars geared for a higher level of learning. Since I realized that, I started to search for a technology University where I would be able to continue my studies at a high level, and a university that would lift my personal principles as well. The Tennessee Technological University Honors Program has stood out as a great way to continue to challenge my mind throughout college, and help me gain integrity and a clear sense of priorities and values.

The fact that Tennessee Tech is built on small classes and discussion board was one of the major factors of my choice. Smaller groups are undoubtedly better because you can interact easily with other students; the professor can work individually with each one and will identify you by name, knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Another factor that was also essential for my choice is the fantastic and well-known recognized Engineering program that Tennessee Tech offers.

I know that being involved in the Tennessee Tech Honors Program will improve my academic curriculum, allowing me to succeed after college graduation in my professional and personal live through the skills developed in the program. Throughout my whole life, I have sought out and taken on challenges. I know that the Tennessee Tech Honors Program is the perfect program to continue the challenges in my life, and I ask you for your approval for my undertaking of this challenge. At Tennessee Technological University, I hope to grow and succeed into a mature and well-educated adult, and bring the values I have learned at Tennessee Tech through the rest of my life, whether in Brazil or wherever I go.

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Thank you very much!

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