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A SMALL STEP - Evaluate a significant experience or achievement - Essay

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Dec 13, 2006   #1

This is another essay I have to write. The subject is "evaluate a significant experience or achievement that has meaning for you" I am supposed to write it using the order of logical division of ideas. I need your ideas and corrections about my essay. And if you can help, I will be glad. Thanks a lot for your help. Greetings.

AIESEC is a non governmental organization which organizes exchange programs for students in order to contribute cultural understanding between countries. In addition to this, the organization coordinates projects for university students. I worked in AIESEC for four years voluntarily, and I took part in various projects. The organization of an exchange programme between the countries that are members of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) was one of the projects I generated. This project was awarded by the Head Office of AIESEC because of its success. Although it was a small step, I feel that I contributed to the world peace by this project.

The target of the project was to contribute to the cultural understanding between countries, and to enable university students to experience different culturas as well as different people. To reach this target we decided to organize an exchange programme between member countries of BSEC. Firstly, we arranged companies in all the member companies who were eager to take part in that project. Afterwards, we informed the students about the project, and choose students who were interested. For three months, students from different countries lived in different countries, and worked in the companies we had arranged. In each country, projects and activities were organized by local AIESEC offices in order to provide students with an understanding about a new culture and to break the possible prejudices about this culture. At the end of the three months time, the students gathered in ─░stanbul to attain a congress. In this congress, students shared their experiences and the BSEC officials informed the students about the aims of BSEC.

Each year more students and more companies have joined the exchange programme. The relations between students, companies and universities have begun to develop. Other AIESEC countries created similar projects, and such exchange programmes have become widespread through the AIESEC world. Moreover, at the end of two years time, everybody realized that the project was a great success. I was quite happy about the success of the project, and when I was awarded by the Head Office of AIESEC, I realized that although the project has affected the lives of limited people, it did change the lives of these people.

In conclusion, this project changed my life and lives of many other people. I experienced many different culturas, I met lots of new people, and I also played a role in breaking the prejudices between people and communities. I was twenty years old when I organized this project. Now, nine years later after this project, my Armenian friend who worked in Turkey still comes and visits me here. George, from Bulgaria lives in Ukraine where he spent three months as a trainee. Katia from Georgia, spends her every holiday in Romania where she worked nine years ago.

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