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Soaking up everything with an open mind. Rice supplemental essay - My international experiences

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Dec 30, 2016   #1
The quality of Rice's academic life and the Residential College System are heavily influenced by the unique life experiences and cultural traditions each student brings. What personal perspective would you contribute to life at Rice?

being absorbed by different cultures

What happened to your accent? My sister asked me one time when we were talking through Skype. Every time I returned from a trip I ended with a weird combination of accents in my speaking, but also with a combination of many cultures and traditions. I've had the pleasure to visit several countries and witness the wonders that each one of them has to offer. From the marvelous Patagonia of Chile to the terrifying castles of Transylvania, each journey comes with incredible experiences and learnings that have shaped me as an open-mind person.

I overcame my fear of heights when I climbed a volcano in Costa Rica; I left my comfort zone in Hong Kong when I had to learn to use chopsticks even if it took me two hours to eat. I even was part of a Buddhist ritual in Thailand though it isn't my religion. I just adapt to the situation of each place, embracing the culture of the country I'm visiting. But when I leave, the people I met acquire a new perspective as well. They have now the Mexican culture in their heart.

My personality is a reflect of the Mexican culture, and I'm not talking about a person who loves tacos and plays mariachi songs. I'm talking about our charisma and love for helping other people. Once I had a tourist guide in Thailand who told me I made her change her vacations plans, and not for meet the landscapes of my country. She said she wanted to immerse herself in an environment of Mexican people.

When arriving to Rice, I know I will keep satisfying my sense of adventure and love for meeting people from different cultures. I will accept every challenge that the next four years can present and also help my classmates to overcome theirs. Whether it's just break the ice sharing a funny experience or contribute with a different point of view to solve a problem, I'll make sure to bring my learnings to Rice. I will look for new experiences and I'll have no more fear to face the troubles I can encounter during my education.

Throughout my career in Rice I'll make sure to carry my Mexican roots and make the same impact on my classmates that I made on that Thai Guide. I'll do my best to make unforgettable the pass through University of my friends and learn from their traditions to make mine unforgettable too.

I'll appreciate any suggestions to my essay, I hope it really shows the perspective i can bring of make an impact with my personality and my persoective of face everything with an open mind.

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Dec 30, 2016   #2
Great work! I can tell how much cultural exchanges mean to you, and you convey how you will bring this enthusiasm to Rice. However, you can add more detail and specificity on what you will actually do at Rice. Try to mention some of their diversity and cultural clubs, and explain how you will impact other students and inspire them with your Mexican roots. The more specific it is, the better and the more Rice knows that you are committed to their institution!
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Dec 30, 2016   #3
Thanks for your critic!!, well at least I'm glad my essay shows what I wanted, about saying more things, in other essay they asked what things of rice motivated me to apply and there I mentioned joining their hispanic comunity at theur club SHPE and other things like that, I dont want to say it again here, do you think i should look for another club to join or something, or the combination of the two essays say it already?
kc1099 6 / 21 2  
Dec 31, 2016   #4
If you mentioned it in another essay then I think it's fine if you don't speak about it here! You could look for another club, or you can find maybe a tradition that Rice has? I know that some schools have a "diversity week" so if Rice has something like that then you can speak about it and talk about how you're excited for it! If not then it's fine, you could try to find an activity unlike the ones you talked about in your other essay (so this essay remains specific to Rice). Just try not to be redundant!

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