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Social anxiety - UBC Personal Profile - Tell us about who you are

EHH03 1 / -  
Nov 3, 2020   #1
I know there's quite a bit to work on... I got quite stuck on this question and would really appreciate any advice! I'm not sure how to end the essay (honestly, I'm not sure if the essay in the right direction - answering the question - in the first place).

Like an owl

Tell us about who you are. How would your family, friends, and/or members of your community describe you? If possible, please include something about yourself that you are most proud of and why. (250 words)

I observed as the argument heated up - a cloud of dissatisfaction had settled over my group. Remaining calm and collected, I listened to each person's opinions on the matter and open-mindedly tackled the problem. My friends often liken me to an owl - I carefully observe situations, calmly solve unexpected problems, and yet maintain a warm, light-hearted atmosphere.

I have once suffered from social anxiety. During group projects, I recall struggling to contribute as people were often talking over me or simply ignoring me. I sought to overcome my anxiety by putting myself in leadership positions - positions where I would need to deliver talks, reports, and communicate with people from all fields of work. I started off small - staying within my comfort zone, I developed my observation skills by observing the teachers and adult leaders around me. Soon after, I challenged myself and took on a leadership role in a scientific research project where I had to contact NGOs and give talks around my school. The process of overcoming my anxiety has certainly played a role in shaping me as a person. Through observation, I detect areas of tension and strive to calmly alleviate them while unveiling the ball of warm happiness that was once enveloped by the dusty film of anxiety.

JANEDO - / 1  
Nov 3, 2020   #2
At the end, u could say that: Although i am not a perfect person, i still take pride in what i am doing.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,735 3072  
Nov 4, 2020   #3
You need to work out the requirements of the prompt. There are 3 aspects of your personality you should be able to discuss using 83 words each (if possible) Deliver a description of how your parents see you as a child and/or emerging adult/young adult. Then after that, use a separate paragraph to explain how your friends, your best friend if possible, would describe you as a reliable and trustworthy friend, or any other descriptive word usage, again within 83words. You may opt to use a community member reference if you have a strong volunteer presence in a local organization.

For the last part, also using 83 words (or whatever is left of the word count), pick an accomplishment you can be proud of. Social anxiety is a good topic. However, your discussion is running too long. You have to shorten it to only the impactful part of the presentation. What you accomplished in relation to overcoming your social anxiety and why you are most proud of that. Focus only on the immediate discussion. There is no need to discuss the "soon after" portion. It is not relevant to the presentation.

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