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Soukeang Sam 1 / -  
Dec 25, 2019   #1


I live in a capital city known as Phnom Penh. Since I was a kid, I grew up in a challenging environment where grades are all that matters. I was studying so hard that I forgot about the outside problems that have been occurring until now in our society such as poverty, racism or discrimination between people, narrow-mindedness, violence and so on. I was once deemed as ignorant as I know just a few things or nothing at all about the society that I have been living in all my life. However, after I enrolled in my major which is International Studies, I know many problems that are arising whether in global or national level. I have also learnt about wars and genocide that happened in the past. Since I have known many issues happening in my society, I want to contribute by tackling those issues as much as I can. By joining this global UGRAD program, I can learn strategies or mechanisms that the U.S has used to deal with those challenges. I also believe that education is a key factor in responding to those problems. Since the U.S academic or educational system are more developed, I hope to learn from their educational system and apply it in our academic system fitting in our context. I will be able to learn and contribute more to the society by being a participant in this program.

I am used to being a leader leading people since I was young and other volunteering experiences that I have accumulated over the years which contributed to my leadership skill. By participating in this program, I'll be able to develop my skill even further as I'll meet many outstanding individuals in the U.S and learn from their styles in leading others. Many people have different styles in leading people; therefore, I can observe and pick out their strength in leading people and thereby, modifying into my own method fitting my preference. By enhancing my leadership skill, I can be one of the supporting pillars of my society in guiding my juniors and people who need my help on the right road based on experiences and knowledge that I have accumulated. Cambodia is in need of many potential youths to lead the society into a more prosperous one.

Moreover, I also want to learn about the economic strategies that the U.S has used in a thorough way since it is the world largest economy. By being a participant in this global UGRAD program, I will be able to understand the factors that stood behind the economic boom of the U.S and whether these factors are suitable to apply in Cambodia economic context or it needs some adjustments to be made possible.

All in all, I just want to be a citizen who can contribute to her own society in a sense of obligation and responsibility and also can make some positive impacts on my society and improve it to another level. If many youths come together and each youth can make some small positive influences on society, this will even be able to develop Cambodia in a much faster pace.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,647 3480  
Jan 10, 2020   #2
Sam, your essay provides a generalized review of how you view your country and leadership skills. Unfortunately, these types of information are not enough for this scholarship program. Remember that this is a written interview and as such, allows you to extensively explain why you should be chosen for the scholarship. With that said, you need to expand on the content of your essay. You need to profile yourself as a worthy candidate through actual leadership participation examples. These sorts of examples should also highlight what skills and world views you can share with the other participants. Ensure that you also highlight how the academic exposure you will be getting will help you once you return to your home country. Mention potential collaborations you might want to undertake in a show of cooperation between the participating students from other countries (as well the USA as the host country) and yourself. At this point, your essay comes across as too vague to be of value in representing you, your skills, academic potential, and world view with the reviewer.