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Something you might not know about me: essay topic for college of Maryland

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Jan 24, 2018   #1
Will this essay be appropriate for the above topic

I'm a cat enthusiast

The moment I see 2 pointy ears, sapphire-yellow eyes surrounded by jet-black fur, a fluffy tail, and 4 smooth paws gently treading in my direction, I am engulfed with happiness. I'm a cat enthusiast, and that's my cat: Thunder. Thunder owned me for the last six years (I believe cats own us rather than the other way around). Although he passed away recently, he taught me a few lessons about life.

Even as a kitten, Thunder had a certain confidence that his life has a purpose and everything he did was important and relevant. You could never change his mind if he wanted something. He would dart towards me and mew relentlessly until I shared my snacks with him. Similarly, I learnt that wonderful things can happen when I put my energy into a single purpose.

Thunder made no bones about the fact that he held me in high regard than others in my household. The reason was simple: I fed him daily. The perks I received for feeding him were many. He would rub himself around my legs, snuggle up to me when I was on the couch and offer me his quiet companionship by napping near my feet while I was studying. Consequently, I learnt to appreciate the people who love and
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Jan 24, 2018   #2
vasudha, I learned more about your cat than I did about you in this statement. So the answer is no, this is not an appropriate topic for the essay you were assigned to write. What the reviewer is looking for in this essay is information about you that may not have been covered by the previous prompts you were provided to respond to. Think if this as an open topic essay. What is it about your character, interests, hobbies, or ideologies in life that you think you would like the reviewer to know about? Why do you believe that it is important that he knows this or these information about you? Explain how this topic has helped to shape you are a person today. What part of you was affected by this "secret" information in a positive manner?

While the story about the cat is interesting, you delved too much on the story of Thunder instead of yourself in relation to the cat. These information that you presented doesn't tell the reviewer something unique or interesting about you at a person. It has to be some sort of different information. There are many cat people in the world. So knowing that doesn't make you stand out. We need some special information about yourself that will help you become a memorable character out of the dozens of characters that the reviewer will be reading about that day. Otherwise, he just may forget about you in the final round of considerations.
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Jan 26, 2018   #3
thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. You must start a new topic for a new essay (useless comments = ban).

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