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'My son was born' - 100 word nursing entrance essay

Kdugan1 1 / -  
Feb 24, 2012   #1
Im applying for an accelerated BSN program for spring '13 and we have to have an essay of 100 words or LESS. Anything over 100 words will not be considered. Here is my first rough draft. I am a writer, a wordy writer at that, so this was really hard for me!! I want to make it personal, as my reason for going into nursing is personal, but does it say enough about me? It is 100 words exactly. Thanks !

(the units listed in the essay are in the hospital Im applying to, if that helps to understand-- maybe too much emphasis on that part?)


As a child I played with crutches, not dolls. Healthcare has always been in my blood.

April 2010 my son was born with a postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Within hours he was in the NNICU at MUSC. He spent his first five weeks there, and the next four months on 7C. After his open heart surgery I knew, without a doubt, that nursing was in my future (PCICU, specifically).

I understand what makes a great nurse. I also know how scary it is on the other side. I want to give those families a sense of security and hope.

ChichoTran 7 / 15  
Feb 25, 2012   #2
I like it! But sometimes do get to the point, like for example "instead of April 2010" just go for it head on like "When my son..."

100 words limit. Gotta make it count! :D

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