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SOP - Masters in Petroleum Geosciences by Distance Learning

mulberry 1 / 1  
Jun 1, 2011   #1
Following is the SOP i have compiled so far. Would be very grateful it were moderated.
Corrections & suggestions for improvement are highly appreciated!! Thanks very much in advance. Cheers!!

Hydrocarbons resources play a vital role and are palpable to a wide array of fields, from functioning of society to various industrial advancements. There is a growing need to focus on challenges to unlock new reserves and to enhance recovery of existing reserves. It is the study of earth sciences dealing with these aspects that is of prime interest to me.

My interest in geology was aroused at the onset of my secondary education on glancing through college textbooks which belonged to an older friend. I was enthralled and found myself immersed in this fascinating realm. I always had an awareness about the earth and environment. In the years to come, my interests in exploring earth sciences grew immensely and this awareness became the force that drove me into pursuing geology academically and professionally. I completed my Bachelor's with a major in Geology in 2005 from SXA College, India. And further went on to finishing my Masters in Geology in 2007 (2 years) from the same institute. I secured the first rank in both examinations. My Masters final projects focused on the evolution of carbonatites (year 1) and stratigraphic lithological and structural mapping of outcrops (year 2). Apart from the curriculum, I have also been involved with geological work for dam construction in a rural area undertaken as an independent initiative in association with a group of geologists.

I have been employed with CSL since September 2007. I joined as a geologist trainee, ever since which I have been involved with sedimentological studies of clastic and more extensively carbonate reservoirs in and around the Middle East. My main experience lies in carbonate sedimentological and petrographic analysis which includes detailed description of cores, facies and depositional environment interpretations, thin section analysis and incorporation of XRD and SEM data. The geological log data is further combined with routine core analysis and geophysical log data so as to develop an integrated study. Having completed just over three years, I have recently received a promotion to the designation of Sedimentologist.

Having received a strong basic background in reservoir geological studies, I believe furthering my education into obtaining a specialized Masters degree is the right next move towards my career path. This will enable me to widen my understanding, gain the required confidence and think independently.

I have great interest in all aspects of petroleum geosciences, but especially keen to acquire a thorough understanding about depositional facies and environments, deposystems, as well as more advanced topics such as sequence stratigraphy.

My pursuit is to sharpen my skills, knowledge and expertise while continuing to work full-time. And therefore I believe that my immediate goal to pursue Masters in Petroleum Geosciences through distance learning is apt. I am aware that distance learning requires high motivation, dedication and hard work, the qualities which I believe I possess. I am keen to combine my current set of skills and acquired understanding with a specialized degree so as to develop myself into a proficient sedimentologist whom I aspire to be and contribute to the field of petroleum geosciences.

I am of the opinion that RH's (college name) Master of Petroleum Geosciences program through distance learning is the right step towards achieving my stated goals. And therefore, would sincerely appreciate the chance to utilize the education and experience that your highly reputed university offers. Given the opportunity, I sincerely pledge to channel all my strengths and abilities diligently towards my goals with the utmost enthusiasm.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Jun 3, 2011   #2
...play a vital role and are palpable to in a wide array of fields, influencing the functioning of society and various industrial advancements. ---This is just my opinion... I wanted to simplify it. Go easy on the reader.

It is the study of earth sciences dealing with these aspects that is of prime interest to me. This sentence does not say much, but it has a complicated structure. Try to revise it so that it has an intriguing message, an intriguing concept for the reader to enjoy.

Here is one more unnecessarily complex sentence:
I am of the opinion that RH's (college name) Master of Petroleum Geosciences program through distance learning is the right step towards achieving my stated goals. ----You could express this idea in just a few words, so... it is bad to make it long and complicated!

I like the rest of the essay. You have a great writing style. Now that you are familiar with the essay, go back and enhance that introduction so that it drops one excellent idea in the reader's lap.

OP mulberry 1 / 1  
Jun 6, 2011   #3
Hello Kevin,

Thanks very much for your feedback. Will simplify the statements as suggested.

Appreciate your help. Cheers.

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