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stage phobia - Essay for MIT - The most significant challenge you have faced

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Dec 30, 2013   #1
The most significant challenge you have faced, and how you manage it 250 words

As soon as the month May came near almost every conversation was about the same topic. Student Government election incited a great deal of curiosity to every student at the school. As tenth grade student I had chance to be a candidate for an executive position that I had awaited for a long time. However something inside me rejected it. It was fear. Fear to loss again intimidated me. As I prepared my campaign for Secretary fear burned in the back of my mind and doubt whether I should continue my campaign. Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to reach my high school goal I should face challenge despite devouring fear inside and I had to consider my intimidation at the different perspective. My fear was merely an extra challenge driving me to go beyond what I already knew I was capable of. Soon enough, loss became a guide to execute each part of my campaign. Thereby, every poster or banner was improved until perfection. Yet, on the day of presentation I even forgot about my long held intimidation - stage phobia. Standing on the stage my habitual fear of speaking publically evaporated and was superseded by excitement to win and achieve my goal. With the courage, determination, and new outlook on my fear I successfully achieved my high school dream - position of Secretary. Through campaign, I learned important life lesson. No matter how many times I fall, far important how many times I get up!

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