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'You just got an AB!' - Stanford Letter to a roommate

phhai 7 / 25  
Dec 27, 2011   #1
Hi , I know it is close to the deadline , however I have just finish my supplements for Stanford . Can you guys take a look at it ?

It is a bit over character limits so it would be pleased if someone can point out for me something to cut off .
thanks guys :D
Hi , You just got an AB !!
Dear buddy , how unexpectedly you got such a roommate . Not any ordinary roommate with controversial blood type , my dear friend , you have just befriended with an AB type .

Did you know that AB type , is one of the most rare type on this whole giant blue planet ? Did you know that the probability for a people to be an AB type is only 7% in the US ? Did you know that I did not come from the US , and therefore to find an AB type in the whole world you have to meet the lonely 5% population of the world ? And did you recognize that an AB type can be bluntly informative ? And in case if you are an AB type too , it would be extremely fortuitous that we are 5% of each country , and end up in the same room in one of the most selective university in this world , which is against all odds ? However , in case you are not , I am pleased that you are still reading , and patient is definitely a trait that will help us getting along the next 4 years .

Have you ever doubt that is it true that our blood can actually affect our personalities ?
I hope you do not . In every cases, if you do some simple Google search , ( as you should be doing right now ) , you can find out that the AB types are the worst types available . In brief , Ab types are critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible, "split personality"... and the list goes on until you can imagine a comic book villain . It is true that sometimes I can be a bit harsh in judging people , and over-reacted in your daily habits . It is also true that sometimes I can forget doing the dishes , and then forget to admit whether I have done the dishes or not . It is true that the Comic Villain Two-face is an AB type , and Japanese anime describe AB types as evil betrayal . But , still , there are sides of me that if you dig in a little deeper , you might find it interesting . Whereas I can be critical , I always hope the best for your benefits . While I can be forgetful at chores , I will always remember your birthday , and do not be surprise if one day our room is filled with surprised gifts . Despite the fact that AB type is anomaly rare , it was the blood type of 2 wonderful people , Marilyn Monroe and JFK .

I am not the type of roommate you would hope for in the first day of college, but if people always get what they wanted , what is the purpose of getting out of bed in every morning ?

I am wondering if you should get the lottery today , cause the chance of winning a 10$ prize is surprisingly approximately 5% .
hulktwo - / 1  
Dec 27, 2011   #2
Are you sure that roommates stay together four years? I doubt it.
Walden 2 / 30  
Dec 27, 2011   #3
I like the way you displayed your unique qualities by introducing yourself with your blood type but it seems as if you are wasting too much space by beeding around the bush because if you are over the character limit you may want to take out some of the parts saying how rare the bloodtype is.

im doing this application last minute tooo can you please help with my essays? plz any help is appreciated especially with my "what matters essay"
cupnoodle123 15 / 52  
Dec 27, 2011   #4
Marilyn Monroe and JFKDo you like them particularly? If not...it's kinda just random to put in, not showing that much about you, unless you mean to say that you are similar to them...Um, they kinda had an affair together..ya...so ya...

I am wondering if you should get the lottery today , cause the chance of winning a 10$ prize is surprisingly approximately 5% .You should change this to mean that your roommate struck lottery in getting you// unless that is what you meant..then say it clearer :) However don't say 10$, cuz you are worth more than that :) Just say lottery lol no one has to know how much

But I like this essay overall, very creative approach! Maybe don't say you are harsh judger of people..that sounds kinda negative...but Iget what you mean, just try to come off...ya positive even when you say your weaknesses, rephrase a bit?

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