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Personal statement Application for Physiotherapy - an achievement or lesson lerned

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Feb 13, 2018   #1
Subject: Describe an exceptional achievement in your academic experiecne and a lesson learned in your employment experience. How would your experiences support your choice of programs and help you attain your goals in life? What are your plans after graduation?

my passion for helping others

Moving to the United States at the age of 15, I found it challenging for myself to cope with the new education system. From the school's schedule, different form of learning, and people. After witnessing myself having a fair first year, i knew i had to change my attitude and structure towards my education if i wanted to make time there worthwhile. And through hard work, and dedication in due time, i had accomplished just that. More so, where the National Society of High School Scholars contacted me through my school, Offering me a position, to become a member in their scholar society, opening up more opportunities.I was truly honored as i knew, coming to a completely knew country as a foreigner where opportunities and resources were scarce, that i had made a big achievement for myself.

With this big achievement under my name, i decided apply for a short internship. When choosing where, i had to combine my passion of helping others and interest of rehabilitation. During my high school years of being a physically active person, I saw how common it is for people from athletes to the everyday person, to sustain minor to major injuries. Therefore deciding on my school's rehabilitation facility. There, I was lucky to have a mentor where I learned different ways of therapy techniques. Interning in a physical therapy environment was a great opportunity as it gave me insight into the industry and a sense of importance when it came to serving the community. Not only does it have a highly practical emphasis occupation-wise, it will also provide me with the opportunity to aid someone in increasing their standard of life which truly appealed to me. That was when i knew, physiotherapy was the course for me.

Seeing the progress of different patients and how happy they were, brought me to an excitement every time. Being able to interact with people everyday and get to know their progress of treatment, while knowing your job is to help others lead a healthier lifestyle is hard to find. Not only does it bring happiness to. Moving forward I hope to be selected for this program so that I may pursue my passion of being an official physiotherapist, aiding those affected by injuries, as well as the aging population in Singapore.
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Feb 14, 2018   #2
Vikhram, simply getting an invitation to join this society is not an academic achievement. An academic achievement is either an exceptional performance in a class or recognition worthy internship in relation to your chosen major. Neither of your stories relate to an academic or professional achievement therefore, you have not properly represented a response to the prompt. When you think of an academic achievement, you must think of a time when you out-performed your peers so that you gained the attention of your teacher or the principal of the school. This has to be grade related in accomplishment and not a mere invitation to join an honor society because you are not the only student from your school who received that invitation. That does not make you remarkable, that makes you ordinary in a sea of seemingly remarkable students. You are all ordinary students in that society, but you are the best of the ordinary. An internship is not a professional related experience because that is still related to academic training. You need something stronger to present. From what I read, this is also an "ordinary" participation. Nothing noteworthy about it. As for your future plans, it is weak, without a sense of direction and merely responding to the prompt for the sake of responding to it. There is no career growth plan being presented to justify how you will be an exemplary professional in this field within say 3-5 years.

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