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My Personal Statement for Globalization and Innovation Studies at Toyo University

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This is my application undergraduate essay for GINOs. Please give me advice on my word choice and ideas flow. I would really appreciate if you tell me some more advanced words for my essay. This essays must cover the following questions:

1. Self-introduction: including important experieces, notable achievements, aspects of personality, analysis of strengths and weaknesses

2. Analysis of Globalization and Innovation: brief analysis of the terms as they relate to you personally, a short definition of each term, analysis of changes occuring on national/global level

3. Motivation for applying with career objectives: Your reasons for applying GINOS, including your desire to live in Japan and study at
Toyo University, your carrier goals, explain in detail how the curriculum and educational design offered by GINOS will enhance the
possibilities of your future success

4. Commitment to Contribute to GINOS and Broad Society: Drawing on your previous experiences, please state how you imagine yourself contributing to the
following communities:
a) the academic communities of GINOS and Toyo University,
b) Japanese society
c) global society, including but not limited to your local community and home nation

Thank you so much!

undergraduate essay for GINOs

My name is Phuong Linh. I am currently attending the Foreign Language Specialized School- one of the top high schools for gifted students in Vietnam. Many years of hardworking and strict training have made me a qualified high school student with high qualities.

As for my study, I have been exerting myself to maintain an excellent academic record and to be on the Honor Roll for Academic Excellence. Thus, my concerted effort has brought me the chance to receive my school's annual scholarship for highest GPA students . Last January, among top Japanese grade students, I got chosen for an exchange called "Sakura Science Program" in Kumamoto, Japan. In addition, from a student who was poor at math, I strived to upmost capacity to challenge myself academically, overcome the fear of failure, train myself to be quick in thinking under pressure. My determination and persistence helped me not only excel in math but also become more self-assured and organized. Though I do not always come up with the most creative ideas, I may say I am strong in logical thinking and oral expressing. Apart from that, besides English, I have quite good command of Japanese and Korean, making it my strongest point as learning foreign language brings me a lot of joy. Of equal importance, I am generally sociale in personality. I strived to engage in various extracurricular activities and community work. My participation in English and Japanese clubs significantly helped boost my creativity and soft skills through many events. For instance, I have learned the value of good teamwork after a filming competition 2 years ago. It took us 3 months to finish the film with many disadvantages and difficulties; however, as a team, we always encouraged each other to work in harmonize. Our hardwork was paid off as we won the Best Cinematography prize. In terms of community service, a charity project at K hospital was held by our club in which we distributed free meals to cancer patients. Seeing how litte things I was doing could make people smile so brightly, it was the most meaningful and unforgettable summer of my life.

Another memorable experience was last year summer when I became an orientation leader to help first-year students feel comfortable in new environment and establish new circle of friends outside their class. Despite our awkwardness at first, I was able to take initiative in communicating and instructing them. In addition, my leadership and organizational skills have also been honed after years of experience as a class president which are essential to my marketing studies and employability in the future. To summarize, these experiences, though their focuses were broad, have been key in developing my fundamental skills and independence, inciting my passion in exploring the ever-changing world.

Over the last century, the terms "globalization" and "innovation" have become well-known and they undoubtedly play a major role in the world's development. Turning into detail, "globalization" is a process of integrating countries and regions into a global network, in all aspects of life: economics, politics, society and culture. "Globalization" implies the opening of nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook on an interconnected, interdependent world with accelerated global connectivity. It brings an interchange of world views, products, ideas, mutual sharing across national frontiers. On the other, "innovation" is referred to something new or improved with marketable potential, a change in concept or product that creates a new dimension of performance. In other words, innovation is the systematic application of new knowledge which endows fundamental resources with a new capacity to create wealth. From my point of view, there is an intriguing connection, a strong positive-feedback relationship between the growth of globalization and innovation, with globalization fueling the need to innovate, and innovative companies being able to create value by leveraging globalization.

It is undeniable that globalization and innovation have various impacts on people's lives and the changes they made are quite remarkable. Nowadays, countries around the globe can see trade barriers fall and have a much wider access to international market, thus stablizing seasonal market flunctuations and sustaining operations. Additionally, the widening scope and increasing complexities of free trade have made governments realize the need for economic cooperation and treatises. For this reason, many global and regional organizations have been put up, aspiring to promote and strengthen economic relationship such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), to name but a few. Vietnam is a member of ASEAN- a vibrant and fast-growing community. ASEAN has successfully signed free trade agreements with the US, Japan, EU,... It is especially notable that the Japanese two-way trade and investment grew sharply to $220.4 billion (2014), double the figure of $126.3 billion (1995), making Japan the third largest partner. After joining ASEAN, Vietnam was able to forge closer ties with the EU (1995), normalize with the US (2000) which later on significantly boosted Vietnam's exports of Basa fish fillets. Furthermore, Vietnam's per capita income witnessed a remarkable rise from $409 to $1077 over the 20-year period (1995-2014). From the poorest country in the 1980s, Vietnam leapfrogged to middle-income status, as a result of globalization.

Under the volume of globalization, local governments allow the entry of other goods to spice up the competition, rushing local producers to innovate and improve their products' quality while reducing the labor expenses and lowering the price. Therefore, innovation not only increases consumption of different products but also enhances local competitiveness as companies and countries feel the eagerness to develop new technologies to stand out in the global market. Taking a look at Vietnam, most brands now place a premium on continuos innovation and many of them were certified to export to some very high-standard markets such as the USA. For example,Vietnam argricultural products in Japan have shown economic potential and capacity, yet there are some constraints hindering our percentage of exports, which can be named as complicated and diversified regulations on technical standards of imports. However, with the help of the ABI Corp from Japan, after being handed over the freezing technology in which food can be preserved up to 10 years, Vietnam has been able to promote more stable consumption in the Japanese market. Bilateral trade value will undoubtedly attain high growth rate. As mentioned above, holding the position class monitor has significantly strengthened my interest in affirming organizational leadership role and communication skill. However, only until last year, after a charity project in which I was the leader, my passion for business studies was cemented. To be specific, I was in charge of running a group of 45 people to sell homemade food to raise fund for an orphange in the suburb of Hanoi. We went through an uphill struggle but I was intrigued by how good market research, strategy execution as well as data interpretation could have helped us define problems more easily. Hence, it ignited my enthusiasm to immerse myself in marketing studies. For these and other reasons, I clenched my decision to major in GINOS, becoming a marketing developer for my own organic food store.

After the exchange in Kumamoto, a strong desire to study abroad in Japan has embedded in my mind, a country with highly ranked advanced education system. I was profoundly inspired by the hardworking and warm-hearted Japanese people and at the same time, fascinated at modern, well-balanced facilities, an ideal learning environment. Upon a long time of research, I found out that Toyo Univeristy is the perfect fit to visualize my dream. Located in Tokyo- a thriving center of international business, Toyo creates an intellectual stimulating and richly diverse environment where cross-cultural interaction is strongly encouraged. At Toyo, I can easily expand social circle, gather at the ECZ to relax or improve English skills and also develop a global perspective and world vision, catch up with up-to-date information of the latest trends, changes in the world. Most importantly, with over 300 clubs and various appealing cultural events, annual University Festival for instance, Toyo indeed suits my sociability. On the other, Toyo earns reputation for cutting-edge academic training with an open curriculumn, a research-integrated environment, rigorous course work and generous research opportunities which undoubtedly helps me improve observation skills, a critical trait of a good marketer. As business has operated beyond borders, by integrating Japanese and a second foreign language into the program, Toyo ensures students to be versatile and have hands-on experience. I can exchange ideas with fewer limits and quickly adapt to life in Japan while making myself marketable in the job market.

Apart from that, at Toyo, I can dabble in different specialized areas. In International Business, I can develop utmost understanding of marketing techniques and venues in globalized market which provide insights to evaluate suitable plans and make the right decision. Furthermore, while Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Management lessons will apparently give me a leg up in running my business smoothly, the subject Innovations in Decision Making will help me become a strong decision maker in my marketing career. At Toyo, through diverse program such as the business Japanese training program, I can conduct professional communication in Japanese. These useful courses at Toyo will help me explore a living, dynamic form of global business setting that incorporates Japanese cases, thus putting me on a path to success. It takes more than hard work to succeed as a marketing professional. However, it can be achieved with outstanding educational opportunities at Toyo along with my other academic strengths and personal qualities.

As a good, well-prepared candidate, I will contribute my best and ultilize everyone. I believe my combination of academic strength and inspiring personality will add to the interdisciplinary atmosphere at Toyo. With a positive, serious study manner, I will work around the clock, commit myself to academic courses as well as extracurricular activities to drill fundamental skills, reaching my full potential. There is a lesson ingrained in my mind, that is to distinguish myself in a field of equally qualified eager peers. For this reason, I will try to advance my Japanese, expand my knowledge academically while developing and enhancing personal growth. Apart from that, I really look forward to establishing enduring friendship, being surrounded with individuals who share the same vision. It would be such a good chance to have great conversation with them and actively participate in research to give my own ideas. As mentioned before, after the exchange in Japan, I have been strongly impressed by Japan society. Thus, I would love to dig deeper into Japanese culture by working part-time at Japanese restaurants to learn the manner of people at work, the way they successfully promote and innovate their products, how they cope with challenges, overcome crisis so quickly and then apply those knowledge and valuable experience on my food store later. Last but not least, while studying in Japan, I will try to maintain a good image of myself and my country as well as promote the Japan's prestigious learning environment and help build bridges between the two nations.

All in all, I will put efforts in getting the best out of what I have learned, emerging as a future leader in the fast-moving and powerful global market. I sincerely hope I will be given an opportunity to become part of your university so as to follow my pursuit of a well-rounded, globally oriented student and individual.

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