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Personal statement about what you learn from extracurricular activities

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Dec 9, 2021   #1
FULL QUESTION: Please write the personal statement with a focus on what you learned from and felt during curricular and/or extracurricular activities (up to three) to which you attached meaning and devoted yourself in high school.(within 1500 characters/200words) (Required)

extracurricular activities lesson

After suffering from social anxiety ever since my early childhood, I was never an out-going person. I didn't like public speaking and always stayed inside my comfort zone. When entering high school I knew it was the time to start maturing and that I had to step out of my little zone. My sister pestered me for days to join the MUN conference my school was hosting, and I gave in to her idea after I thought about it for a while. Though one thing I was worried about was that I'd be made fun of for my quiet, low voice due to my anxiety.

Fortunately, it all went surprisingly well. I was surprised to see how warm and welcoming everyone was.
My face was flushed red the entire time and my hands were shaking, but I never missed the chance to speak and counterattack, even though public speaking was one of my biggest fears. Having to build up the courage to speak up and taking the initiative to reply was really challenging for me, but I'm glad I pushed away all the unease and did what I was eager to do.

I immediately linked with the kids my age who I worked with during the conference, I felt more out-going and that my personality was becoming more likeable. This whole experience stuck with me until now. It gave me the guts to participate in events I have always missed out on, such as my school's talent show where I participated with my friends and got 2nd place, and the volleyball club which gave me the opportunity to meet more people and make more friends.

The character limit is 1500 and this is exactly 1466, so I couldnt write more about my other activities like the talent show or the volleyball club :( I dont mind constructive criticism!![i]
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 9, 2021   #2
Since you suffer from social anxiety, you can revise this essay to discuss how social anxiety led to your success in these 3 fields. Discuss the 3 in a collective manner since the focus of the presentation is on what you learned from and felt during curricular and/or extracurricular activities. You can say that by participating in all 3 activities, you learned that you had severe social anxiety and, by participating in these activities, you learned to overcome the fear and actually become a more sociable and well spoken person. What is good about you is that your 3 activities do no deviate from the one thing you had to overcome in high school. The basis is the same, which is exposing yourself socially(getting over your fear of socializing at the talent show), the anxiety was caused by the same thing (having to speak to other people in public), and the solutions are similar (you learned to become more social by becoming a better team player and properly expressing yourself). I believe that a blended discussion format would benefit your collective presentation best.

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