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Personal Statement about suitability of being part of Glocal:Erasmus Mundus Global Political Economy

Mahle 1 / -  
Oct 28, 2021   #1
Hi I would be applying for the Glocal: Global Political Economy study track. We are required to include:

1.Outline your motivation for choosing the Glocal programme:how it complements and develops your previous studies, how it relates to your potential future career path, how it relates to your personal and academic interests.

2. Explain why you think that you are a good candidate for the programme given your previous studies and how they relate to the courses offered on the programme for both years.

3. Briefly indicate what you might want to see as a topic for your Masters Thesis.
4. Highlight participation in conferences, internships, NGO,summer schools, prizes/awards received.

Personal Statement

The last two decades have been characterised by a globalisation shift based on states, societies,
and economies being interdependent and interconnected. As a young woman from a third world country, Zimbabwe, I have faced the consequences of the state being at the centre of controlling markets. However, there is also corruption, leading to the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming rich. I hold a Social Work qualification and I am currently a Volunteer Social Worker. Having witnessed absolute poverty due to state policies and working with vulnerable populations has sparked my interest in the Global Political Economy Course. I believe the course is an opportunity to broaden my knowledge as a professional. It will enable me to be in a better position to contribute to bringing solutions to the current challenges we face.

This programme is relevant for me as a social worker who has provided support to the most vulnerable in our society and understands the importance of the economy on the personal. I worked with the poor in the high density suburb of Soweto, South Africa. My work involves working with people who have suffered both emotional and social care deprivation due to broader structural issues. The lack of services from the government as a structure, including knowledge, service delivery like electricity and water, has an emotional toll on the clients. This is because lacking basic needs has psychological effects, as people have to go to extra lengths to get water, and also consume contaminated water. Capitalism is entering into a structural crisis because the global economy is producing a massive amount of wealth, unprecedented wealth, and yet it cannot be absorbed by the global market. This is because the vast majority of people are moving downward and don't have the income or the ability to really consume. This leads to stagnation in the system. I therefore, chose Global Political Economy because it relates to my career path as I aspire to be a human rights activist. I aim to be a person who addresses human rights issues like poverty and inequalities amongst the communities of Zimbabwe.

I hope to bring my knowledge to the course from the social work and individualistic perspective. I am also a Golden Key International community member an organization that is for the best academics. Thus,having worked with people faced with poverty and inequalities, I wish to understand more the theories in the Global Political Economy course. The argument is that the rich exploit the poor to benefit themselves according to the Marxist theory. I wish to contribute that as much as the policies are looked into, more could be done to address how poverty impact on people's emotional and psychological aspects of their lives.

My proposed thesis will look into the experiences of entrepreneurs who are migrants in Germany. The participants will be from all over the world because as people we have different experiences. It will look into how culture or religion have an impact in the success of migrants or locals. This is because the media has written about the migrants entrepreneurs having less opportunities to access the entrepreneurial community of Germany. Therefore, I wish to explore what factors lessen the chances of migrants being successful and how policies could be reformed to cater for everyone despite race, age or nationality.

To conclude, having been exposed to poverty and discrimination, I hope the Global Political Econony course will assist in broadening ky knowledge on how there could be reforms to cater for everyone despite status. I hope to contribute my knowledge from the social work perspective and my thesis to be an eye opener into implementing reforms to curb poverty as well as discrimination in our communities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,263 3976  
Oct 29, 2021   #2
relates to my career path

Before discussing your career path, consider your academic background first. There is no connection between your Social Work degree and the program you have chosen. Relate your previous education as it applies to this course qualifications for its students first. A simple interest is not enough. You have to show an Economics background or political science course, even an international relations degree to qualify your academic foundation.

organization that is for the best academics

True, but how does it relate to the course choice? Your foundation ranges from weak to non-existent.

2. Explain why you think that you are a good candidate for the programme given your previous studies and how they relate to the courses offered on the programme for both years.

This is the part of the scholarship consideration that automatically disqualifies you. There is no reference to this due to your unrelated course background.I do not see how you can make this connection based solely on aspirations and ambitions. None of your academic and professional background apply. Change your track to one that relates to your actual foundation.

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