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Personal Statement for Uk University - Consulting Company Experience

abdullahmo 1 / -  
Oct 11, 2020   #1

Personal Statement

From an early age, I have possessed an instinctive curiosity and been intrigued by Construction and Implementation, Since I grew while seeing my father, who is a civil engineer, Achievements in buildings, roads, and other facilities. Always I had many questions starting with How; how the construction being and how is there a wonderful harmony between natural and human resources form this huge amount of different facilities that enable a person to continue giving.

This passion motivated me to study Civil engineering at Al-Balqa Applied University, where I found the answers to most of the questions I had previously asked. Where I learned that civil engineering is a study to engineer all human demands.

My Study:-
I varied my studies at the university; I studied the Structural analysis and design methods for many kinds of this mesmerizing facilities. I learn about roadways and its Construction to link each destiny, in addition, that I took how to design water treatment plants, which provide the most essential element of life. However, What sticks most in my mind was the project management principles and Contracts, this field is mutual with most of the civil engineering disciplines which talk about time schedules for projects and how to fit the man-power with each progress at projects and how to manage the relationship between contract parties.

Despite my young age, I had distinguished work opportunities that allowed me to get close to deep parts in civil engineering and to exercise the duties of all contract parties.

I started my career as a site engineer with a Consulting Company, and this enabled me to know the enormous responsibilities that the "Engineer" such as approvals, follow-ups, and Drawing review. After that, I set out to work in the contracting field, which gave me a golden opportunity to link engineering theories with practical reality through many project types such as concrete buildings, steel structures, and sports fields, in addition to how to be familiar with time schedules and man-power management. And now am working at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Jordan, specifically in the building implementation department. This place gave me the opportunity to see what is happening behind the scenes in terms of a balance between financial monitoring and project needs that make the project eligible to serve the citizen in the best way, besides dealing with tenders.

Why this Course:-
Engineering project management at the xxxxxxxxxxx caught my attention from the first moment, It focuses on the fundamentals of project management which lines with my aspirations strongly, and with my current job by teaching about projects funding and procurements, in addition to the many modules that arm the engineer with the tools for successful management. One thing that encouraged me to join this program is that he is under the Mr. xxxxxxxxs management, because of his high experience in risk management and the great research he provided, besides the fact that the acquisition of these experiences by him will contribute positively to treat the defects occurred in Jordan's projects due to what is going In the world from COVID pandemic.

Why the University XXXXX:-
I chose this great University to study this major due to its strong reputation of engineering programs, while it's ranking was XXX in the world for XXXXXX, in addition to its positive contribution to local and global research and the great feedback from many graduates.

I hope you will give me the privilege to be one of your great graduated leaders and drink from your science stem to improve myself and reflect that to enhance the construction environment in Jordan to advance the situation that happened during the COVID-19 crisis.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,735 3072  
Oct 12, 2020   #2
You have not written a personal statement. This is a curriculum vitae. It is not considered a proper personal statement because of the bullet points formatting. This should be presented as a fluid essay composed of fully understandable paragraphs that depict the development of you interest in the course. The personal statement should help introduce you to the reviewer beyond your interest in the course. This is your chance to explain who you are, beyond your interest in civil engineering or, depict how civil engineering plays an important role in your life. The role that it plays and how you pursue this interest outside of the university or professional setting should show a preparedness to take a masters course. Focus the last part of the essay in the explanation of why you chose this course and university. Try to not use the pandemic in this essay. This is a very worn out reason that has been used this year. The reviewers are very tired of reading the same reason in almost every essay they read. As for the university, skip the ranking and connect your academic interests with the course curriculum instead. Explain how you see the university experience helping you both socially and academically to help prove that you have truly researched the information regarding your course and the university. Make the reviewer believe that you have a personal interest in attending the course and university. There is no convincing aspect in this current presentation.

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