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"Striving is the only reasonable answer" Global Korea Scholarship Essay

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Sep 8, 2022   #1

Global Korea Scholarship Essay

- Motivations with which you apply for this program
- Educational background
- Significant experiences you have had; persons or events that have had a significant influence on you
- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences
- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired, etc.

"Striving is the only reasonable answer" - Muhammad Caesar

In our life, we tend to keep asking about what if everything is getting worse? About by how will we overcome our struggles? Speaking from experience striving is the only reasonable answer.

My name is Muhammad Caesar, I was born in a middle-income family whose I am the third child of four siblings. My father is unemployed and my mother is a house wife. My mother was diagnosed with teratoma retroperitoneal tumor a year ago and I became her full caregiver. I have been accustomed to change my mother's bandage regularly, remember every medicine she has, change her colostomy bag, and many more. Although it is hard, I am somehow happy to do it. Not because I enjoy dealing with medical stuff or anything. But because I am happy that I could overcome things I thought would be hard. The satisfaction after I defeated my own fear. Thus, I applied to this scholarship once again after I failed my last attempt. Not only because I am still bound and determined to study in South Korea but also because I find happiness whenever I strive for something.

Last time, I applied with business administration as my major and now would be still the same. I discovered my interest in business administration when I was striving to study about financial statements in high school. Most of my friends, including me, used to copy our friend's task because we thought financial statement was the hardest lesson in economy that we became too lazy to even finish it by ourselves. Nevertheless, someday I was curious to finish it by myself. I reviewed all the study materials about financial statement and felt surge of satisfaction as I slowly discovered a way to finish it. I became addicted with economy and obtain good grades in it afterwards. I fell in love with economy even more when I was reviewing all the economy's lessons from the tenth grade while preparing for the final exam. As the result, I got 94 for my final exam's score in economy.

While I was active in class, I additionally participated in some extracurricular activities. I represented my school in some flag raising competitions as the flag raiser in our troop. If there was a competition, we trained almost every day to make a beautiful and neat formation. And I, as one the flag raiser's member, had an extra training along with the flag bearer and the troop commander because these tree section had a big contribution for the team. Although it was very exhausting, the euphoria after our school had been announced to be the winner had paid all the back-breaking endeavor. We won many competitions and as the flag raisers we won several competitions as the best flag raisers. From these experiences, my competitiveness had been trained thus I liked to strive to achieve something. In addition, I was the secretary in the flag raising troop. I have accustomed to make activity proposal, activity report, competition administration, and annual accountability report.

After I graduated from school, I worked as a head store in a dim sum store. The funny thing about this is I got the job accidentally because the store needed a head store as soon as possible since it was a newly opened store with many customers. After I had been interviewed for the job, I was immediately sent to the store on the same day. It was very exhausting both mentally and physically. I was required to learn many things in very few days, such as making daily inventory reports, purchasing plans, stock opname, and learning every job section in the store. Especially for making reports, I supposed to do it with Microsoft Excel, something I was not familiar with. However, I could successfully adapt with it and continue to do my job competently. Even though the experience was immensely exhausting, I was happy to be able to overcome my struggles. Thus, I became more confident to pursue this field further both academically and professionally.

The reason why I want to study in South Korea is because its outstanding performance in its economy's development. Many people would ask how did South Korea, from one of the poorest country in the world in 1970s turn into one of the Asian Tigers? However, the most important question is not how, it is who? I looked back to the South Korean's history and realized these tremendous histories would never be carved if South Korean did not come as a unity to overcome their economic problems. The same way as how my home country, Indonesia, expels the invaders. I learn many things from South Korea's people. About how they strive for something even it appears to be impossible, about how they come as a unity to overcome their problems. So, if someone ask you how to achieve something that is impossible next time. Just answer, "Striving is the only reasonable answer."
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Sep 9, 2022   #2
Since this is a second time application, the writer should be focusing in convincing the reviewer that his situation has changed since he last applied. He must make that difference clear within the application. What has improved in terms of his qualifiers? Has he undergone more marked motivational factors? Perhaps he has accomplished something impressive since then? Maybe he has taken some business classes that have given him a stronger foundation as a U applicant? These are the information that the reviewer will be looking for since this candidate last applied. If there are no changes and he is simply applying hoping that he will be considered this time around, then he is out of luck. He will not qualify for the scholarship since there are no extra ordinary considerations this time around to consider with his application. It is still the same ordinary and unremarkable application information that he submitted the last time.
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Sep 9, 2022   #3
thank you so much for your feedback. I will post the updated one in a different thread is possible. wish you a great weekend :)

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