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All students at Reed share my passion; Why Reed?

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Dec 31, 2012   #1
Prompt: Why do you want to attend Reed College?

From the time I was a little girl I have loved to learn. I buried my nose in books, threw my hand in the air to answer my teacher's questions, and was always the first to voice an opinion. In high school, my inquisitive nature and strong work ethic set me apart from many of my peers to whom attending school was the worst kind of chore. Of all the things that matter to me in a college, the most important thing is that the students view their educations not as a chore but as a blessing. After visiting Reed College last year I am confident in my belief that each and every student at Reed shares the same passion for learning and knowledge that I do.

For the better part of my time in high school I have been interested in Reed. At first my intrigue was based merely on a reputation for academic excellence, small class sizes, and a beautiful campus, but the more I learned about Reed the more I realized just how perfect a school it was for me.

During my visit last year I was able to observe a Humanities 110 lecture and discussion. The wisdom and eloquence with which the professor spoke was unlike anything I had ever seen, but what impressed me even more was the discussion portion of the class. To see students express their opinions on the book with such conviction and passion was truly inspiring and solidified in my mind that Reed was the school for me. I left the discussion portion of the class that day knowing that these students who were so proactive in their education, were just the type of student that I wanted to become.

It was not merely the intellectual vitality of Reed students that impressed me during my visit, but also their confidence. Walking around Reed was an experience unlike any I have ever had in high school. That day I saw students that were confident in their individuality and accepting of the uniqueness of their peers. The respect that emanates from the Reed campus is yet another reason that I would love to attend Reed. Reed is the only college I have ever heard of that has an honor system. I love the trust and responsibility that an honor system provides to students, and it is refreshing to know that the students of Reed respect and value the honor system as much as I do.

While the honor system is a wonderful trait that sets Reed above its competitors, it is not the only unique asset that drew me to Reed. I also love the challenge that going to school at Reed would present. I have always done well in school but l still feel like I have just grazed the surface of what my brain can do and I am eager to put it to the test. Reed requires a strong academic commitment from its students during all four years of college, and ends with the Senior Thesis Paper. The Senior Thesis is a paper far above what is asked for from most undergraduate programs. The fact that Reed students are able to complete such a challenging task speaks wonders not only for Reed's academics but also for the work ethic and desire to embrace a challenge that is possessed by Reed students.

As I look back at my visit to Reed, my Reed brochure worn thin from reading, and my countless hours of college research, there is no doubt in my mind the Reed is the college for me. I love the strong academics, the small class sizes, and the beautiful campus, but more importantly I love the quirks of Reed. I love that Reed has an honor system, a nuclear reactor, a senior thesis paper, a comic book library, and countless other traditions that make being a "Reedie" so unique and special. Reed students are accepting of each other, possess a strong work ethic, and above all love to learn. These are three qualities that I to possess, and very much hope to share with the Reed community next fall.
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Jan 1, 2013   #2
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students thatwho were

Reed is the only college I have ever heard of that has an honor system.

I think you are not aware that every college has an honor system/code. Or I think you are trying to say something else!

my mind the Reed


raditions that make being a "Reedie" so unique a

If those who are at Reed are called Reedie then don't use the quotes.

These are three qualities that I to possess,

shouldn't it beI am to possess/I want to possess

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