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Study plans to learn something new everyday by learning Korean and also about the country

Jessica05 1 / 2  
Sep 3, 2021   #1

Study plans to improve foreign language (i.e Korean , English)

I still remember that , during my secondary School days many international delegate's from different countries like Croatia, Mongolia, Russia etc . used to visit our school and tell us about their country language , culture ,food etc . And as kids we used to be perplexed by seeing those things and the way they used to speak in their language .

Also , our school used to give us basic lessons on french language once a week but we weren't able to continue to learn the language as it was only for secondary School kids .

Since then I have always wanted to learn a new language and I believe Korean is a very beautiful language . It would be very helpful for me to learn a new language as Korean is very different from our native language .

And I want to do my bachelor's degree i.e law ,from Korea and studying my favorite subject along with a new language would be more than good for me .

After doing my Bachelor's I decided to settle up there only so it would be beneficial for me as I would be able to connect up with people and get to know their culture easily

I believe that not only in Korea , if you go anywhere in the world you should definitely know some basic of their native language or English so it would be easy for you to communicate to the people of that particular region

We would get to learn something new everyday by learning Korean and also about the country .

(Guys please tell me if Ican add something else as well in this language plan )
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,734 3791  
Sep 4, 2021   #2
This is not a usable language plan. There is no reference to language studies before or after annual in Korea. This is only a personal statement regarding the applicants language exposure. The language references in this essay are all part of the applicants memories.It fails to show an interest in Hangul in reference to learning the language which is a must for a GKS applicant. Nothing can be added to the essay because this should be deleted in its entirety. Unless existing language lessons in English and Hangul can be represented either through formal lessons or self learning, the applicant fails to qualify himself as an existing language learner of any sort.
isamj 2 / 5  
Sep 9, 2021   #3
I don't know what is your intention with this writing. But, I can tell you some mistakes: basics not basic.
There are barely any commas, you should use more puntuaction marks such as commas in order to make your flow of thoughts more easily connected.
ohyouarenana 1 / 1  
Sep 9, 2021   #4
I agree with the other commentators that the reader does not understand the intention of this study plan. The part about people coming from different places is not related to this at all. Talk about how you are going to use your time before going to Korea and then how your schedule would look like once you get there.

You're writing in English so I get that you understand it well? Then you should know this is a sort of letter of intent rather than a STUDY PLAN.
OP Jessica05 1 / 2  
Sep 10, 2021   #5
I am really sorry for this but I didn't knew what is a study plan before writting this . I was thinking it as why you want to learn Korean language instead of understanding that how we are going to learn that language .

I am trying to write a new study plan after this
Thanks for for your feedback 😊
nb19 - / 2 1  
Sep 24, 2021   #6
In the language plan, you need to mention what you did or will do before going to Korea and what you plan to do after going to Korea in terms of learning Korean and English.

In the before going to Korea part, you can add the things you learned about the Korean language, the Korean alphabets called hangeul and what you did to improve your Korean. You should also talk about what you did to improve your English. You can mention that you read English books and watched English movies. Also, mention that you're preparing to take the IELTS test and how you are preparing for it.

In the after going to Korea part, you should mention what level of TOPIK you aim to achieve within a specific time period and what steps you are going to take to reach your goal. For example, taking classes, watching dramas, or communicating with the people there. You should also mention what IELTS score you aim to achieve and how you will get your desired score while living in a country that doesn't have many native English speakers.

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