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'Suitable friends with familiar interests' - Why Duke Essay supplement

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Oct 23, 2012   #1
As a North Carolinian, how could I not notice Duke with its fierce competition with such rival schools as UNC and NC State? Yes, I think it's safe to say that the connection has been forming ever since fourth grade, during the J.J. Redick years of the past, remaining with me all the way to the Austin Rivers years of the present. And along the way, there were many other things that strengthened the bond between me and Duke. During seventh grade, when I was identified by the Duke Tip program, I couldn't help but feel closer to Duke, and more recently, during my freshmen through junior years at high school, I have been to many academic competitions at Duke. After these events, I can't help but think Duke to be synonymous with academic excellence. Now after all these years of bonding, where else can I go but Duke?

With such activities as tenting, sports, and over 400 student organizations to choose from, Duke provides a warm sense of culture and community. On that note, I feel Duke would be a great place for me to find suitable friends whom I can share similar interests. Aside from the amazing culture and community, Duke's academics offer the very best. Since I plan on majoring in Statistics, it seems absolutely logical if not the only correct choice to choose Duke since its statistics program is one of the best in the world; where else can you find such interesting statistics courses such as Applied Stochastic Processes or Behavioral Decision Theory? It is a place where you can conduct research freely, study abroad, and maintain close relationships between peers and professors. I believe at Duke, I'll be empowered to reach my full academic and social potential, producing a complete college experience.
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Nov 5, 2012   #2
Would there be any room to include at least one or two sentences on why you would be good for Duke? (as the rest of the essay covers why Duke is good for you!) Any reason to admit you versus the many other candidates who have the same praises for Duke?

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