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Syracuse supplement + Common app short answer

youngi 1 / 3  
Dec 29, 2011   #1
I'm worried that my answers sound too corny =1 What do you guys think? Please be harsh

Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University?
I would not try to embellish the lie that I fell in love with Syracuse at the first sight. While I was doing college search a few months ago, the name Syracuse University came up as just another prestigious school beside others. However, my interest has strengthened ever since I realized it was not only the ranking number that defined Syracuse, but what made the school itself unique and special. An exhaustive research to accumulate information about the school, starting from the main website to numerous forums and articles, provided similar responses that left me amazed. Challenging would be the first word I use to describe everything related to Syracuse. Since challenges make my life more meaningful by coloring it with all shades of victories as well as failures, I want to be a little fish swimming into a big ocean, experiencing the diversity on Syracuse campus, which is nothing similar to the high school where I am attending. I want to spend late hours on researching, drawing and constructing model buildings in a competitive academic environment. I want to be a part of the community amongst which public goods are promoted. It took a while; yet now I can say with confidence that I am in love with Syracuse.

Who is the person you dream of becoming and how do you believe Syracuse University can help you achieve this?
It would take more than 150 words to list all the names of famous people I look up to, yet I cannot imagine being anyone else but myself. Syracuse not only can train me to be a professional architect with its amazing curriculum, but also helps me mature into a better-rounded being that has my mother's meticulosity and my grandma's altruism. Students in the School of Architecture are provided an excellent education, opportunities to intern at domestic and foreign firms, and a chance to help others through Say Yes program. I want to explore whatever life has to offer and do my best at everything I can experience. Success is an ambiguous word since each individual defines it differently. I do not wish for success, but to be an architect that can contribute to the community and a person who lives each day to the fullest.

If you have had work experience, what skills and/or knowledge did you gain?
At the age of 16, I tried to find a job in hopes of becoming more independent in life. I applied at a small restaurant with little hope, but whether it was because of pure luck or the owner's sympathy, I was hired. My second job was a cashier at a local groceries store. These jobs had changed my very being. I went from being a girl who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth to a hard working individual aware of the laborious process of making money. What I experienced went beyond serving food or scanning items. I learned that my actions not only affected me, but could affect my managers or co-workers. This little piece of knowledge helped me improve my patience and it made sure I always had a smile on my face. I also realized that with a good attitude, I could build connections with my customers. Whether it was a genuine smile or a simple thank you, I could maybe make a morning better or a frown turn.

Our mission of Scholarship in Action, education for the world in the world, extends beyond the classroom to include engagement opportunities with our campus community, the City of Syracuse, and locations across the globe. Based on your interests, tell us what real-world experiences you might pursue during your education at Syracuse as part of this mission.

I can still remember vividly the admiration I felt as we were going through images of the Renaissance's artworks in World History class. Masterpieces such as Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, Michelangelo's David and Brunelleschi's dome of Florence Cathedral, left me astonished, wishing for a chance to see those with my own eyes. Since going to the birthplace of Renaissance art has always been my aspiration, I was thrilled to know Syracuse offers this opportunity. As a Syracuse student, I plan to enroll in Syracuse University architecture program in Florence, where numerous significant architectural achievements locate. I believe spending time learning here would help me apprehend the development of art after centuries, hence gives me ideas of how to merge classical and modern arts. This is what I want to accomplish as an architect. Meanwhile, I would like to participate in SUF Academic Internship Program to experience professional work environment and understand different perspectives from another culture.

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below.
I used to indulge myself with illusions how better my life would be if I had a nice car, a bigger house, and more money.

Those fairy wishes came to an end as soon as I started volunteering at a local charitable organization. Every experience has lingered in my mind, leaving me overwhelmed by extraordinary perspectives of different individuals I have encountered. The determination to learn of children that had congenital malformation made me silently thank God for my legs and a pair of hands which let me draw. How cancer patients fought for each day reminded me there was still so much I wanted to do. Homeless people made me feel grateful that I had a roof above my heads and walls around me on rainy days. Volunteering not only is about helping people, but also shows me the most valuable fortunes that I had taken for granted.
dmjackson 3 / 6  
Dec 29, 2011   #2
For the first question I must say I admire your first sentence. The rest of the essay is pretty straight forward. Elaborate on what you were amazed about, because I just asked myself "what was amazing?" and that's what they want to know

2nd question: Personally when I filled this out, I believed the question is who do YOU want to beome not a person you admire and how you want to be like them. This is one of those "where do you see yourself in the future?" types of questions.

4th question: elaborate on the community service aspect instead of the programs
in0va3 3 / 2  
Dec 30, 2011   #3
Looks great since it answers the questions. I'm applying to Syracuse too!
mukhia08 7 / 22  
Dec 30, 2011   #4
everything looks solid and it looks like you've answered each question correctly, well done!!

good luck :)

please have a read of mine too thanks

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