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Syracuse- influence, work, and experience

angie127 12 / 49  
Dec 29, 2009   #1
Hi. Please take a look at these questions. Do I answer them fully and are my answers too long? There is no specified limit; the prompt says to answer in several sentences. Thanks!

1. Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University?
****the first 2 sentences I copied from my BU essay
Growing up in a diverse city that is rich in opportunities has influenced me to search for colleges in similar settings. After learning that Syracuse's community mirrors Chicago's eclectic and lively scene in Princeton Review's Best 368 Colleges, I turned to its website for more information on how students thrive on the Orange campus. Besides its location in a metropolis and a diverse student body, Syracuse's vision of "Scholarship in Action" influences me to apply to the University. I prefer to apply what I've studied in the classroom to my neighborhood and to learn through experience rather than just memorizing facts. My preference for this type of learning is why I have traveled to Latin America to help improve communities and why I tutor elementary school students. I'd like to attend Syracuse to join an institution that promotes this interactive learning and development. I am also applying to Syracuse because of its well-recognized School of Education. In the school, I believe I can receive the best preparation in the Teaching and Leadership department to be an inclusive elementary school teacher.

2. If you have had paid work experience, what skills and/or knowledge did you gain?
I am currently employed at my high school's Sidewalk Café. My responsibilities entail serving students and faculty hot beverages, keeping the café area clean, encouraging students to purchase from the café, tracking the orders that students make, and working at the cash register. From working in the café, I have learned about the importance of teamwork and cleanliness in running a business, particularly one with food. In order to ensure that the customers receive their correct order, I have to divide the work between my co-worker and me: one of us works at the cash register and marks off which drinks the customers purchased, while the other handles the drinks with gloves by the coffee-maker. Not only does this prevent customers from receiving the wrong order or either of us workers losing track of what was ordered and paid for, it hinders the spread of germs. Instead of touching money as well as the drinks, only my co-worker or I is assigned to each task so that any pathogens on the money don't reach the drinks. To ensure further cleanliness, the countertop and café tables must be wiped with antibacterial wipes and garbage must be picked up. Communication is also important in running a business so that customers will know about the drink available. Sometimes we run out of the more popular drinks, so we promote other drinks by putting out enticing advertisements until the popular drinks return.

3. Our mission of Scholarship in Action extends beyond the classroom to include engagement opportunities with our campus community, the City of Syracuse, and locations across the globe. Based on your academic interests, tell us what real world experiences you might pursue during your education at Syracuse University as part of this mission.

As mentioned in the first response. I prefer to learn through experience in addition to textbooks and notes. As a student at Syracuse, I plan to continue pursuing my interests in cultures by participating in the university's extensive study abroad programs. I am interested in the program in Santiago, Chile where not only could I continue developing my Spanish and learn about another culture in Latin America, but I could also actively discuss and plan how to tackle political, sociological, and environmental issues. By making changes in another country, I could develop ideas for renovating communities back home. I also would like to participate in the short-term programs during which I could pursue an interesting subject hands-on, such as learning London's history by touring the city or studying the use of water by working on projects in China. After tutoring elementary school students and living in a city with one of the poorest quality of education, I'm interested in reforming the education system and helping those who suffer from these systems. I plan to volunteer with Syracuse's Say Yes to Education to help students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and help develop other programs for this organization. By volunteering in Say Yes, I hope to return to Chicago after graduation with ideas for reforming the Chicago Public School system.

Jd87rh 11 / 55  
Dec 29, 2009   #2
I'm wanted to say thanky ou for posting this because i was having trouble answering these questions myelf and you gave me an idea.

I don't see any spelling mistakes anywhere.
And your answers are great.

I think you got it!
yay12 - / 3  
Dec 29, 2009   #3
great work! just one thing in general. "could" is a weaker word than is "would" or "want". i think it's better to use stronger words so that you come across as confident and determined. other than that, your responses are fantastic! good luck!
OP angie127 12 / 49  
Dec 29, 2009   #4
should I make the paragraphs flow better?
Jd87rh 11 / 55  
Dec 29, 2009   #5
I think it's great. Just leave it be.
I don't think you need to change anything.

Really, I wish I could steal your answers.

I already submitted my application. early this morning. and my answers are kinda long, and i hope they aren't too long.
OP angie127 12 / 49  
Dec 29, 2009   #6
well good luck to both of us :) maybe we'll see each other there!

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