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"taking art classes" - Ai (Chicago) - Statement of Purpose (Review Requested)

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Nov 12, 2010   #1
Hey guys! I have been working on a college admissions essay for all art colleges in the area of Chicago. This specific essay was made for the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, but I also want to apply to SAIC too. I would like some feedback because my english teacher is extremely strict and I do not completely agree with some of what she said. I do not have a 'whitty' title yet, so If you have any suggestions that would be great :) Thanks!!

(Ai Chicago)In an essay of at least 300 words, explain what you expect to accomplish while studying at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.
Please be concise.

(SAIC) Use your written statement as a way to better represent yourself and your work.
Writing is a very important component of being an artist. We will be looking closely at your ability to compose an essay, as well as the manner in which you utilize text as a tool. We are interested in finding out more about you, why you do what you do, and why you are a strong candidate for SAIC's undergraduate program. Please also include information about community service projects, exhibitions you have participated in, or any other activities that contribute to the making of your work.

Because art was a mandatory class in middle school, I would sit and observe the other students and notice something different about them - lack of passion. These students would simply draw a doodle, color it, and call it art. But what these students failed to see is that art is more than just lines and colors, it is the visual emotion which comes from the artist within. This attachment brings a whole new meaning to the piece; it gives the picture character, gives the story animation, and brings the dimensions to life. When an artist connects with their work, their desire influences their style and limits - a talent that takes time to perfect. As I began to grow, I tried to develop my artwork from simple sketches to complex shading.

When I began taking art classes at my high school, I expected things to be different than the experience I had in the past. I thought I would finally be able to sit in class and share a common interest with other students. But immediately I noticed I was wrong; the beginning level art classes were a joke to most students. They signed up for the class just to get another credit and to slack off, which showed in their work. At that moment I began to think that no one would ever take art as seriously as I did, but my longing for art continued to develop.

Meanwhile, as I began to explore various types of art classes like digital photography and ceramics and progress to the higher level classes like honor studio art, I was finally able to find students who had a passion for art. This new atmosphere allowed me to excel in my work and progress in the class. My entire life I longed for this feeling of belonging and was finally able to find it. Because I grew up with students who did not take art seriously, it made me realize that an all art college is the best decision to continue my studies and love for art. At The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, I hope to merge with the other young artists and excel from the best. I want to use Chicago as a new field to explore and to influence a twist in my future work. The Art Institutes is a close family across the nation that I want to be a part of.

What did you think? Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know! :D
EF_Kevin 8 / 13319 129  
Nov 22, 2010   #2
Because art was a mandatory class in middle school, I would sit and observe the other students and notice

I think you can accomplish the same effect by discussing the way you used to lackpassion before your realization that occurred in middle school. Instead of touting your superiority over them, you can present this as superiority over your old way of thinking about art. It will carry the same meaning, but instead of comparing yourself to others you will be comparing yourself to the middle schooler you were before making this discovery about passion in art.

...tried to develop my artwork from simple sketches to complex shading, and then to ___________(Add one more phase that takes it beyond technique).

... I was finally able to find students who had a passion for art. ---I think you can keep this part, and it is great, because it shows why you are desiring you enroll in this school's program. Even though I recommend revising the intro so you are not comparing yourself to others, I think it is good to include this part...

This is great, but it would be even better if you let it express your particular approach to art... rather than talking about art in general you can talk about how your own style is developing and what it looks like.


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