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''Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not'' - undergraduate program application

Lifechaser 1 / -  
Oct 21, 2018   #1

personal statement essay

A few years ago I read a quote on the wall of my school
''Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not''
To this day this quote remains true. There are countless talented people in this world but there are few who get an opportunity to prove themselves. Some who get an opportunity avail it while others let it pass. I always try to avail every opportunity I am given. If I am given a chance at this program I will try to fulfill this duty entrusted to me.

The sole motive I had while applying for this program was to gain knowledge about the different parts of the world and spread this knowledge among my peers. I believe that knowledge is a gift entrusted by God to few of his people. It is the duty of those entrusted with this gift to spread it among all. I try to spread everything I learn to people around me just so this world could become a brighter place by the light of those who are willing to learn.

Studying different cultures and art has always been my favorite pastime. I had the opportunity to understand Arabic art while completing my education in Saudi Arabia. I am a proud bearer of the understanding of two cultures. I try to broaden my experience by learning the arts of other countries. I want to gain as much as possible knowledge of the people that inhabit this world so that I can share my experience with others.

This world is expanding quickly with each passing day and the need for love among all people is stronger than ever. Our survival depends on peace and harmony among all people of the world. Bringing people from different cultures together is a way of spreading love and understanding among all. This program will give me a chance to understand other people and tell the world the tales of my homeland. It will give me a chance to show others the art of my country while completing my education. I want to explore the world while completing my degree in applied microbiology. Exploring teaches us more than anything can.

I am an active student at my university and I aim to excel in my field. I always try to participate in any event that I know of. I am active academically as well as non-academically.

I believe that this program will help in boosting my confidence. Learning in a different environment with different techniques will surely broaden my experience. I aim to tell my peers all that I learn so that we all can work for the progress and prosperity of our motherland. I am ready to represent my country as a land of educated and sophisticated people with the help of my character and manners.

seeb8 1 / 3  
Oct 22, 2018   #2
You should talk more about specifics- what field you are going in to, what events are you participating in, also cut out the words "I believe"- sounds too straightforward. Maybe end the essay by referring back to beginning?

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