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Taxi drive in the New York City - Why NYU Essay

TVLAERE 9 / 24 3  
Dec 29, 2016   #1
Why NYU?

Some feedback about content and punctuation/grammar please. Enjoy :)


I can walk, eat, talk on the phone and hail a cab, all at the same time. That's one of the things a semester at NYU did to me. "Where do you need to be?" "Smalls Jazz Club please." The driver seems to be intrigued by my sweater. "So, NYU. You're having fun at that school?"

It's hard to place an adjective on my experience at NYU. I came here being excitingly overwhelmed by the dynamic of the city. I have been dreaming of living in New York for so many years, and now I am finally here.

I'm a Stern student concentrating in Management & Organizations and taking the Management Consulting Track. The greatest thing about the academics here must be the practicality. I took my first Negotiation & Consensus Building course yesterday; it is fantastic to experience how professor Howard doesn't just teach us facts and figures, but rather teaches us how and why. Our professors are enabling us to impact the destination we choose after graduating. It's that teaching philosophy that inspires me constantly and that is exactly what I was searching for in a college.

When I was at Club Fest in September, I immediately joined the Management Consulting Group. I am also involved in the Mock Trial Team and the Business & Law Association. I love these activities because they do not just mean consulting and doing mock trials, but learning a lot from the people I spend my time with.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the Bobst library when suddenly a CAS student sat next to me and we had a chat about her home country. The exposure to all these different backgrounds makes me want to study abroad for a semester. NYU, like me, values a global perspective and I am going to use that opportunity to go to Florence next year.

We also talked about her major: Art Hsitory. The conversation was so interesting that I am considering taking courses at the CAS as well. NYU's interdisciplinary approach is a huge advantage to me because I am a very curious person and it allows me to balance practical and theoretical courses.

"Hey, stop dreaming kid. We arrived." Wait a minute, did I just ignore the taxi driver? Well, if I had to explain every aspect that I love about NYU, this trip would take hours.

rnsnz18 10 / 33 4  
Dec 29, 2016   #2
Wow I dont really now what to say, it seems all perfect to me, your essay really shows your deep involvement with NYU, and your knowledge about what theu offer, it is also very good that you made the story with the taxi, that way the reader will find your essay more interesting to read.you said clearly why you fit in NYU and why NYU fits your interests, those are the to main points to apporach. GOOD WORK!!
OP TVLAERE 9 / 24 3  
Dec 29, 2016   #3
Thank you so much!

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