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Teaching/ Personal design work/ FINE ARTS; SOP for Industrial Design MDes at UW

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Jan 6, 2013   #1
Hi, this is my sop for master program of industrial design at Washington university
I'd be really pleased if someone read it and help me with grammar and structure.
Thank you so much

Statement of purpose

I decided to study arts for my bachelors while there's not much attention to art and artists in my country. But from early ages I was so interested in arts especially fine arts. In Iran most of the people do not understand the significance of art and design in human life and it is just a hobby in their eyes. But all of these did not change my mind and just made my decision stronger.

I remember the day I first hear about Industrial Design. I was maybe 12 or 13 my best friend's sister was fresh man in industrial Design and she showed us a chair that she made it herself, and that was it I said to myself I'm going to be industrial designer. The idea of designing and creating fascinate me, because inside me there was always a side that wants to create hand-made stuffs. Till then my hobby was pottering and sculpturing with different materials. So that was the reason industrial design totally impressed me.

I studied more than a year to get the chance to study industrial design in one of the prestigious universities in my country and eventually I achieved my goal and among more than 10,000 students I finished in the ranking of 140th. Before I enter the university I always heard an interesting quote about industrial design which says:" industrial design is field like an ocean with the depth of one inch" after four years I understand the meaning of this sentence. This field completely fascinates me and I understand how comprehensive it is in our daily activities.

At undergraduate level, my interests became more focused. Although physics and math came easy to me, it was the workshops and model making that really captured my interest. We were fortunate to have good workshops and studios and excellent professors. Through the workshop courses I have learned all stages from design to manufacturing with different materials such as wood, metal, Polyester Resin and stucco and et cetera. The projects were mostly about designing a product or mechanical machines using different design techniques and materials.

Beside university courses, by my senior year, I start taking courses at Private Silversmith Workshop and I gained useful experiences in this field, from the very first step of how to reach fine 925 carat silver to the modeling techniques. It was really useful experience because I was using my skills outside of university and my designs were about to be more than just a concept and will be used by others.

I think Industrial design always provide the best solutions even for a very small and simple problems in our everyday lives. In fact, due to the combination of design and Industrial, other engineering majors, do not have this privilege. All this led to my interest in the very course of four years to study and enjoy all of my classes.

I am pursuing graduate studies because design has become such a huge part of my life, it's something I practice and thing about in many contexts every day. Due to the significance it has for me, it is necessary for me to expand upon my skill sets through fully immersing myself in the practice of design and design culture. Being at university of Washington will enable me to become a stronger conceptual thinker, and create work that is not only self-satisfying, but that can also positively affect society. MDes program will help me explore my capacity for design and how to design for the greater good, by exploring contemporary social issues and engaging in the community. Through the coursework provided by university of Washington and strong support system, I will be able to delve into a rigorous investigation of design and design theory, developing work that I would not be able to create otherwise.

My main reason to apply for a master's degree in University of Washington is that I have found United States a pioneer in art , industrial design, and also your university a real active institute; I saw all the individual categories of research activities related to industrial design, and even inter action design, and also fascinating facilities and workshops .

I am also excited by the possibility of teaching at a collegiate level upon graduation. My personal design work may only be able to affect society in a small way, but by teaching good design more people will practice it, and it will affect our culture on a larger scale.

Entering ... for completion of my studies is a dream for me to come true, I hereby thank you for spending time to read my "statement of purpose"; I hope I had been able to describe myself well.
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Jan 7, 2013   #2
Essay is good. Try to make it interesting about the topics in industrial engineering which interest you and about how well you are prepared to take this course.

Please help me with my essay.
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Jan 8, 2013   #3
Thank you so much

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