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Tell us about your experience learning English. How often do you use English in your daily life?

vcerpasalas 2 / 1  
Feb 15, 2017   #1
Hi! English is not my native language and I have to present this essay for school. Could you correct it please. Can you correct the grammar and words of this essay.

Tell us about your experience learning English. Have you studied English formally? How often do you use English in your daily life?

English - interesting and challenging adventure

Learning English language has been an interesting and challenging adventure for me in each stage of the process; I started studying English since I was five years old taking the English subject every year at school. I also remember with great affection the English classes I took as extracurricular after school to prepare myself for Cambridge ESOL English examinations as PET and FCE, which helped me to reinforce and improve my language proficiency.

After finishing high school, I decided to improve my English skills by taking online classes and going to an English academy for group classes in my hometown. Overall, I practiced conversation, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and listening. Moreover, learning to write essays was very important because I could analyze different situations and find appropriate responses for each one. All this activities involved a lot of brainstorming and manage lots of information in English, which helped me a lot to be more analytical for problem solving.

One of the most important English skills I enjoyed learning is conversational classes. In this classes I could made friends and spoke about many topics, the experience of talking about diverse things and a wide range of topics has been very valuable because it inspired me to enhance my communication skills, especially to have more confidence in my speaking abilities.

Since my senior year of high school, in my free time I use to teach private English lessons to children as a way of practicing the language. At first, I taught every Saturday mornings to my nieces, then the children of acquaintances or sons of my parents' friends. I use the language at different times of my life, reading was always one of my favorite activities since high school, I like to read several books in English because of reading more books I was able to enhance my vocabulary each day. I remember reading from novels of Jane Austen, articles of interest in online portals or current news. In addition to this, I used to practice my English skills by watching movies; this helped me a lot with my pronunciation and speech.

sinchana2017 7 / 18  
Feb 15, 2017   #2
Please find some grammatical errors

All this these activities involved ...
I could made make friends and spoke ...

Hope this helps
AABMOSALAM1998 4 / 11 3  
Feb 15, 2017   #3
Problem-solving is missing a hyphen
You don't enjoy skills but you acquire them.
"Learning how to write essays"--->"Learning to write essay"
Comprehend and analyze
Try to use more vocabulary to avoid repetition.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,804 2614  
Feb 15, 2017   #4
Valeria, at the point where the essay asks you "How often do you use English in your daily life?", you need to present stronger information regarding the development of your conversational English skills. While it is good that you are teaching your nieces and nephews, which is a form of ESL, and you also enjoy reading English classic novels, these do not really help to illustrate the usefulness of conversational English in your daily life. Mostly because you speak of doing these activities in the past.. So how do you practice your conversational English these days? Make the activities known to the reviewer as something that you continue to do in order to make it more relevant to the prompt requirement of "everyday life". So these can't be just weekend activities, it has to be daily. Reconsider the wording of your information to make those seem like things that you do everyday at present.

The grammar is not so bad that the reviewer will not understand what you are saying. I would say that, without corrections to your currents essay, you will be judged to have an advanced beginner level of English skills. There is no sense in perfecting your grammar on paper if you cannot produce perfect spoken English during your actual interview. Don't have the language problems corrected as much as possible so that you can present your honest level of English writing and speaking skills to the reviewer early on for his consideration.

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