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Tell us about who you are. Include something you are proud of and why? - Graduation and tough times

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Jan 2, 2021   #1

me and something i am proud of

My mother, sister, and friends would describe me as an individual who is calm, dedicated, and focused on achieving goals through hard-work and persistency. The descriptions of myself can be illustrated through my graduation of the Kinesiology program at Langara College. I am proud of myself for completing the program because I have struggled over the last few years with mental health, and family and personal issues. Throughout middle school, high school, and in my early twenties after graduating, I had struggled with depression because of the effects of being bullied and coming from the life of a broken and separated family. Being the victim of bullying caused a Persistent Depressive disorder. Furthermore, tragic family problems added to my depressive state. The house I had grown up in was destroyed by a fire that was caused by an electrical issue in the bathroom. Unfortunately, another family issue arose and had impacted me in a negative way - the death of my uncle of whom I was very close to and considered a father figure. However, through these struggles, I attempted to find what I was interest in, thus my post-secondary journey started later in my life. Through all the hardships, setbacks, and failures, I had found what I was interested in, and would use my dedication, hard-work, and persistence to achieve my goal of obtaining a diploma in Kinesiology towards my journey of becoming a Physiotherapist.

[ Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all :) ]
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Jan 2, 2021   #2
As this statement is based on your character when attending to different situations, avoid using a collective description for yourself. That means, use an individual description for each (1 each for parent, sister, and friends). Think of it this way, the response will help the reviewer assess if you are ready for college based on the point of view of other people. Have you developed the sense of maturity, responsibility, and teamwork that can help you adjust to college life? Are you the type of person who will flourish in an unsupervised but high stress situation ( as college is often perceived to be)?

You cannot use various situations to describe what you are most proud of. You cannot be proud multiple times in this statement. Focus on only 1 event, achievement, or notable undertaking. You are not focusing on the required information in this presentation. You are over discussing the prompt, but failing to inform the reviewer of the required useful information regarding your character and personal skills / abilities.

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