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Tell us more why you intent to finish the Computer Engineering Program?

nhenderson98 1 / -  
Jan 12, 2017   #1
Discuss your reasons for pursuing the Major/Academic Program selected above? (less than 250 words)

The ability to have an impact on the computing future

Fourteen: that is the age I was when my brother asked me to assist him in building his own unique personal computer. I, intrigued by this foreign concept, eagerly accepted his offer. I sat there in amazement with all components - motherboard, processor, random access memory, GPU, heat-sink - lying before me. The results of their combined efforts had always been apparent when using some form of computer, but seeing their individual design, installation, and performance ignited an interest within me that was not present before. Fast forward roughly four years and I have now assembled two of my own personal computers, aided my friend in the construction of his, and continue to tinker with methods to squeeze any extra capabilities out of the hardware available to me.

Placing components in their designated role within a computer, though satisfying for a time, is simply not going to cut it. Knowing their inner workings, architecture, and exactly what makes them do what they do, however, is a different story altogether. It was this desire more than any other that contributed to the pursuit of a major in Computer Engineering, the field which I found offered the exact solutions to my unanswered questions. With the speed that computing technology is rapidly increasing alongside relatively new and unexplored branches such as quantum computing, it's personal appeal has never been greater. The ability to have an impact, large or small, on such advances would be a personal goal and privilege.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,006 2708  
Jan 12, 2017   #2
Nate, when you develop your reason for pursuing this academic program, make sure to relate it to a particular field of interest. So, as a computer engineer, what is your vision for the computer of the future? Why do you believe that sort of computer should be created? What shortcomings do you see in the current crop of computers and its designs ? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself if you wish to come up with pretty good and solid reasons for pursuing this particular academic program. The reason, has to tie in with the changes that you want to make to the current computer hardware. The passion that you have for the way that these hardware pieces work individually and combined highlight the interest that you have for the major. Your desire to improve what already exists should be the reason for your pursuit of a Computer Engineering degree. So you will need to redevelop your response, this time, use the guide questions I gave you to help you complete the 250 words needed for this essay.

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