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Thanksgiving experience, the coming of fall - Common essay

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Oct 25, 2008   #1
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Thanksgiving experience

When I sit by the window and stare out into the trees, I am always delighted by the changing colors of the trees. I see the lush, green leaves turn into golden perfection of orange and red. I always look forward to the coming of fall because it reminds me of my family's annual Thanksgiving party. The wonderful colors, and vibrant buzz of my never empty house, and of course insurmountable quality of food, leave me hoping the day will never end.

My mother, the one who works the most during these days and I ma ever thankful for, takes a few days off before thanksgiving. She decorates the house to the appropriate colors, of fall; I help of course. The front door is decorates with orange confetti, draping from the top to bottom. Large cut out turkeys strut in our from lawn, spied on by cat. On the front porch tow, large, hand picked, pumpkins greet our visitors. The effervescent, full colors set the tone of fall in the house.

My dad is the organizer of the party. He invites our relatives in Pittsburgh and few of our close friends. The house once held four members and a cat, now holds 16 members and cat. The house is filled with laughter and stories being exchanged by one another. The occasional whines of my sister and my cousin, followed with ratting me out. In the evening we sit by the fireplace and roast marshmallows or rent a cheesy family movie from Blockbuster. The buzz of the house never dies down expect when the food is being set on the cherry dining table.

My sister and I, having the true sibling competition, complete to see who can eat the most. I win, uncontested. The food present at the table is of the highest quality, and whoever said "too many chefs spoil the stew" have never sat at our dining table. Always the stat of the show, carefully, painstakingly, cooked of perfection turkey. Sitting next ot it is the gravy on the right and mashed potatoes on the left and around them, placed in their comfortable positions sit various sides ranging from breadsticks to spice Indian dishes. We eat until we gain about ten pounds more, and finally put use to that gym membership.

The coming of fall lets me hold hope for Thanksgiving and the important family experience it leaves on me. When it passes I look forward to the next year and the fun waiting to happen.

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