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BU Supplement- "Things I want to accomplish as an undergradute"

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Dec 1, 2010   #1

Essay #1: Given what you know about Boston University, what do you hope to accomplish as an undergraduate here? Please respond in an essay of no more than 500 words

There are so many things I would like to accomplish and contribute to in my short time as an undergraduate student. Although it is trite, "the world is your oyster" is a generic but sentimental term that I secretly use as a template when looking toward my future. With so many expectations, I know I will make the best of my time, without letting anything stop or overwhelm me. In the words of Zora Neale Hurston, as an undergraduate I will only be "sharpening my oyster knife."

Aside from learning from my different peers, I hope to become a part of one of BU's many organizations. I find BU's immense variety of organizations are both incredible and inviting. Organizations that allow you to be apart of real life experiences, while keeping a close bond with group members who share the same passions. I am definitely attracted to the fact that BU has over four hundred student organizations on campus. Special interest groups such as 'The Film Lovers and Philosophers' Society' is something I would love to be apart of as a Film major in high school and a life long interest with cinema. 'FLAPS' seems like a unique and specific club, where great discussions take place. I would love to be even a minor part of that.

Being President of my high school's National Honor Society is something I am extremely passionate about. I have spent so much time working on making NHS a prominent club in its first few years at my school. Boston University offers a National Society of Collegiate Scholars, which can closely be associated with National Honor Society. Although the two may differ, both organizations honor the academic success of students including community service events, and leadership activities. Honor society chapters are great organizations that hold an importance to the members and do a great job giving back to the community.

One element that essentially attracts me to Boston University is the basis of mass assortment. With students from across the world, diversity is everywhere. In an environment of over eighteen thousand undergraduate students, I want to blend myself into a group of peers who are extremely different. I want to share a diverse way of thinking. Being in a new atmosphere, is one of the greatest ways to learn. An assimilation of distinctly different perspectives and experiences allow great individual growth in a person's character.

BU is a renowned and amazing school. I feel undergraduate students have so many oppourtunites. Everything I want to accomplish as an undergraduate would only be excelled at BU. I feel as if it is a school that has been tailored perfectly for me. That any student can become the next Pulitzer prize winner , CEO, senator or famous actor. At Boston University, I know I cannot accomplish everything, but I will have the ability to accomplish anything.

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