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"think of the children." - Issue of Importance to You -- UT Essay B

All right, so I picked a super-hot topic. Let me know what you think, particularly if it's too incendiary for a college application (dear God, I hope not) and if it answers the prompt well enough. Thanks so much!

Prompt: Choose an issue of importance to youïthe issue could be personal, school related, local, political, or international in scopeïand write an essay in which you explain the significance of that issue to yourself, your family, your community, or your generation.

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." A quote there from George Orwell's chilling novel Animal Farm expresses exactly the brand of two-facedness that gay marriage is approached with in this day and age. As most alarmingly shown in the passing of Proposition 8, a Californian state ballot proposition that strips the right to marry from same-sex couples, prejudice against homosexuals gaining legal rights to be married is blooming even in the midst of the "forward step" we have taken as a country in electing President Barack Obama. I find this extraordinarily disquieting.

After all, isn't "all men are created equal" part of our national rulebook? Why is discriminating against someone based on their sexual preference accepted? That above quotation is, to me, the very foundation of America and the epitome of what she represents. The second you begin picking and choosing the people that are deemed "equal", the system breaks down entirely.

I am personally not gay, so why should I care so much? How does this affect my life one bit? Simply put, denying people civil rights is absolutely antithetical to the ideals that make the country I live in so grand and that weighs upon me. Living in a place where civil freedoms are a pick and choose ordeal does not sit well with me at all. Equality for all human beings has been the spoken creed of America ever since the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted, so why is it not being carried out? It troubles me.

And I do not even understand a bit of the other side of this farce of an argument. James Dobson states in his book "Marriage Under Fire" that legalizing same-sex marriage will, and I quote, "destroy the family" by pushing the nation into a slide toward doing away with marriage all together. Not only is the logic in this extraordinarily faulty, but it almost makes no sense whatsoever; how are the two connected in any way?

The church seems bent on being the main obstacle in this feverish debate. Proposition 8 would have likely been beaten down had the Mormon church not donated over ten million dollars to the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign, a decision they will most likely (and rightly) have to battle a lawsuit over. "...possibly the most important reason, the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be severely curtailed." (Again, quoting Dobson.) Great. That still does not mean you have any recourse in denying real legal rights to anyone who deserves them. And, correct me if I am wrong, but God teaches us to love everyone regardless of the choices they might make, right? The God I serve most certainly does.

Another very common argument is "think of the children." Who says gay people aren't? Why should two qualified, consenting adults be blocked from adopting a child they desperately want simply because of their sexual preference? The refusal of the government to legally recognize same-sex marriage allows adoption agencies to do this. It is outright bigotry.

To deny people basic civil rights such as the right to wed whomever they choose is utterly criminal. The arguments and viewpoints to the contrary do not make any sense at all and, therefore, must be born out of either ignorant fear or hateful bigotry in my mind. Even during a time like this of national hope and change, the quiet, sneaky passing of Proposition 8 can bring the pipe dream of America crashing to a halt, exposing how far we still must go for true freedom.

Good afternoon :)

While this is a "super hot topic" I think it does apply to the prompt. After all, the underlying issue, which you acknowledge, is civil rights and that is a topic with personal, local, political, international, etc. scope. I think by linking it very closely with being a civil rights issue makes your piece credible; it's not just standing on a soapbox shouting. It is very organized and you present your ideas/stances in a very calm, organized way, giving it more credibility. I think an admissions board reading this piece would identify that right away and notice that while it is an emotionally pressing issue, you do not let your feelings lead the way here. I think it is a wonderful piece, regardless of the controversial subject matter. Good work.

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