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My thirst for knowledge - benefitting from study at American University in Cairo

ShazaMamdouh 1 / 3  
Mar 9, 2021   #1
Can you please tell me if it is good or not for university admission and if there is any mistake or wrong using of vocabulary

How will you benefit from university education?

When I was fourteen years old, I discovered my thirst for knowledge and how my eyes shine, and my heart swells with happiness when I understand something that may seem complicated for those at this young age. At this time, I decided to enroll in STEM school to start my journey in the scientific path, and here I am choosing the next part of the journey by choosing AUC.

I am convinced that High-quality learning can change a person from a rank and grades-seeking student to a passionate science student, and AUC will provide me with that. I asked students at AUC what the learning process depend on; I was starry-eyed when I heard that there is a university in Egypt that depend mainly on critical thinking, discussions, and problem-solving, what I look for in any educational system, as gaining these skills will help me work in scientific research in the future. Moreover, I admired that students at AUC truly learn! Not just act that they learn like other universities students who memorize curriculum and questions with their answers to pass, I want to be a student in this university to understand and interpret concepts so that I can integrate this concept in any research or experimental work.

From my perspective, Teachers have a significant influence; they always encouraged me to take new steps. The spark that ignited my passion for STEM subjects was my teacher, who ask us critical questions and make us discuss them. That results in preferring AUC for its professors and the fact that they are not only employed for just their academic achievements but also for their way of teaching and dealing with students. It seemed perfect for me that professors are professional, know how to make students understand the concept using techniques mentioned before, and at the same time friendly and supportive. I was searching for universities abroad because I know how this kind of teacher and this kind of creative environment affected my productivity in the last years and because these factors are not abundant in Egyptian universities, AUC will be the perfect fit for me.

For a short-term plan, I decided that I want to major in Electronics Engineering. What impressed me in electronics is the concept of how tiny materials can be combined to form a whole system or device that can make very complicated tasks in seconds. I want to work in scientific research. So, AUC is an excellent opportunity for me because it has high research output, and its electronics engineering department combines experimental and theoretical learning that will help me greatly in my research goal. Also, Arts, music, and literature clubs, and debate society in AUC will help me get a more balanced life and enjoy doing my hobbies with people interested in my hobbies.

AUC will help me accomplish my dream in scientific research, widen my horizons, Make me able to express myself in an understanding environment of students and staff.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 10, 2021   #2
The question is, to me, forward thinking in presentation. How will you benefit from a university education is equivalent to, how will your proposed course and institution help you achieve your ambitions and professional goals? Okay, you have settled on Electronics Engineering for your major. Now what? Explain why you believe that course holds the key to a better future for you. How did your interest in this field result in your desire for a college education?

It is not so much your desire to study at AUC that you have to justify so much as the way that you perceive this particular major as being beneficial to your personal situation in life, your professional path after graduation, and the influence you want to have in the field, or inspiring others you know of to aim for a college education as well. If you can explain the personal importance of a college education, then you will have partly accomplished the task. If you can further explain how that personal goal will help you get a better future based on the profession, then you will have completely represented the interests if the prompt.

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