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"a tight-knit community, football, diversity" - Why The Ohio State University?

teehee592 1 / -  
Oct 25, 2010   #1
For the last eight years, I have been a resident of Milton, Ohio. Without a mall, a movie theater, or even a McDonalds, options for recreation can be limited. To some, this community represents the exact stereotype of a small town; however, living here has caused me to grow into the vivacious, kind-hearted person that I am today.

One major advantage of growing up in a tight-knit community is the freedom to be myself without the worry of judgment. I have been surrounded by the same students since fifth grade, if not earlier. By now, they have witnessed a solid amount of my flaws and quirks. Whether it's listening to me belt out Britney Spears down the hall, seeing me trip onstage during the National Honor Society induction, or watching me cheer my heart out for our school football team, these students have always embraced my lively personality. More than anything, life in this town has allowed me to truly figure out who I am and what I value. And now that I know myself, I am prepared to learn about others and experience the diversity that is presented by The Ohio State University.

I truly want to attend The Ohio State University because there, I will be able to experience the diversity that I do not have the opportunity to see in my hometown. With the large student population and wide range of extracurricular activities, I will have the chance to meet new people with different upbringings and ideas. More than anything, I feel that coming in contact with a more diverse population at The Ohio State University will broaden my perspective on education and life.
name_here - / 37  
Oct 25, 2010   #2
The style of your essay is good, but the prompt is why you are interested in Ohio State. When you have as little space as you have to write about this, I would suggest making the reason why you want to go to Ohio State the focus of your essay, don't waste so much space on how you've grown up in your community. You need to write more about Ohio State, your reason only takes up about 1/3 of your essay, but it's the prompt.

Home / Undergraduate / "a tight-knit community, football, diversity" - Why The Ohio State University?
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