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TOPIC : Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern

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Dec 10, 2012   #1

personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

MAX 1000 characters

This my first draft. Please review the excerpt written below
Please suggest if you know any other interesting topic.

It starts with a tick of the lighter and also end with a lighter, but the only difference is that first a person lights a cigarette and later the cigarette lights the person till death. It is not only a matter of concern for a single nation but this habit is spread all through the world. By smoking cigarettes, you don't only affect your health but also of those around you, who are secondary smokers. Smokers are responsible for many deaths of asthmatic and other patients with respiratory diseases.

My guitar teacher was a chain smoker. Eventually, his lungs were destroyed by burning tobacco which he inhaled frequently. Although, He advised all his students not to indulge in this practice but he himself couldn't resist himself from a roll. I had a class that day when I got a call from his mobile number; a childish solemn voice said "He's no more... ". I couldn't believe it. He died prematurely at an age of 50. This sudden news was heart breaking and taught me a great lesson.

The whole day I was frozen and that day I pledged that I will never smoke and would try to stop those who smoke.
People never realize that they had once started smoking cigarettes but as time passes by the cigarette starts smoking people.
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Dec 10, 2012   #2
You need to go into more detail about how this effected you. Why it is of such importance to you and the global community. You mention that this experience changed you, give examples of your feelings towards the subject before and after the death of your guitar teacher.

Also you can connect this to a specific relevant issue. For example, something like this: At this point in time it is estimated that 42% of people will face cancer in their life time.

I like the topic but you need to make a stronger connection to why it's important and how it effects you.

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