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transfer (tamu) - The thing that captured me the most.

mocash19 1 / -  
Mar 9, 2014   #1
Going to a large university has always been in my future plans; from a young age I knew what I have wanted to do overall. Getting the opportunity to have this chance though is immensely satisfying. Knowing I have pushed myself is something to be proud of. Getting an opportunity to go to a dream university is as equally nerve racking as it is wonderful. I want a chance to be able to say that transferring to my dream university was just as I imagined it would be. Texas A&M has so much to offer, the networking possibilities being one I am especially interested in. Also the mass number of events you are able to attend and participate in, is a large appeal. Academically A&M offers a wide range of majors, which is something any student is drawn too. A&M pushes for excellence, which is something to admire and I am eager to be apart of. A&M is open to exploring new things, both academically and socially. Learning and exposing myself to new knowledge is something I care greatly about, and I know that A&M will feed that need that I have. I do not strive for perfection instead I strive for progress and growth. Texas A&M offers that nourishing atmosphere. My academic performance will excel and I will be able to achieve my main goals in life. Beginning with a Bachelors degree in international studies and then to pursue a masters in business. Then I hope to follow in my parent's entrepreneurial ways by opening up my own consulting business after some years of gaining experience.

Now truthfully I didn't know that Texas A&M University would be my dream school. I was originally deciding between the University of Texas in Austin and Texas A&M. I was touring each school, and throughout high school I thought UT was the school for me. Then I came to Aggieland, and immediately fell in love. The spirit of Aggieland captured me. The traditions intrigued me and made me felt like I was part of something larger, which was a new tremendous feeling. My high school had no spirit or diverse activities to participate in. Coming to College Station for the first time was overwhelming, there were so many things going on and places to go. I wanted to go everywhere and do everything. Before and while attending Blinn College I was worried I was going to lose that eagerness and excitement of being in College Station but it has not gone away. Which tells me that I truly made the right choice.

Overall Aggieland and Texas A&M University offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences as well as different employment and internship's. A&M has first class education and facilities. The Spirit of Aggieland is something I would be able to be forever proud of and apart of. A&M allows me to maximize my future goals academically and can aid me to fulfilling my career plans. I will wait eagerly and with much anticipation as you consider my application. I appreciate your time for reading this and I hope you sincerely consider accepting me.

shezad 2 / 2  
Mar 13, 2014   #2
It seems you have written quite nicely however the initial paragraph needs a bit reorientation from conceptual point of view.
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Mar 19, 2014   #3
Going to a large university has always been in my future plans;

.... Why a large university? Do you mean a reputed university? or world class uni?

Well, I don't find anything concrete in what you have said above. Why you wanted to attend such a uni? Is it the education? networking? social standing? The above few lines do not give the reader anything interesting to know about you :(

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