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The Trial; For as long as I can remember, my biggest fear has always been failure.

Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?
The Trial
For as long as I can remember, my biggest fear has always been failure. Living in a world where failure is inevitable, you can probably imagine how difficult that can be. Somehow, I managed to succeed in everything that I deemed important. Throughout my high school life, I was known for challenging beliefs, provoking thoughts and leaving no stone unturned in a quest for answers. I had quite the temper and was never afraid to speak exactly what was on my mind despite the circumstances. My methods for success were rather unconventional and some even frowned upon them but it didn't matter, they worked for me.

Despite my mischievous nature, I was an outstanding student and I was elected class monitor in the tenth grade. Being elected meant that I would more than likely be selected as a sub-prefect with the option of becoming a prefect in my senior year as well as in sixth form. I never told anyone but I always saw myself running for Head Girl. Little did I know that my explosive temper would be the catalyst to my first big failure...

I remember it like it was yesterday. It started with a simple misunderstanding. An argument over a seat. Fueled by misdirected rage and poor judgment. Before long, I found myself in a psychical altercation with a fellow classmate. The news traveled fast and students and teachers alike ran to the scene of the dispute in an effort to break up the fight. The next thing I knew I was being hauled off to the principal's office. Blinded by rage, I continued to hurl insults at other student.

Looking back it reminds me of something straight out of an episode of law and order. I sat in the foyer, the holding cell, and tried to collect myself as I wrote my statement. Then it was time for arraignment, the trial would proceed in a two days. We had court appointed lawyers (parents), and the trial went smoothly thanks to the video that a bystander had made. The jury found us both guilty and the judge sentenced us both to one week suspension and one month anger management classes. I was devastated and it didn't end there. The judge added special sentencing for me. 'You just ruined your reputation. A once spotless record now tarnished forever.' She said. 'Turn over your monitor badge and you can forget about running for head girl.'

I spent my suspension in tears and a state of depression. There was nothing anyone could do or say to make it better. I blamed everyone but myself for what had happened. I couldn't see myself ever returning to school to face the people who once held me in high esteem. To see the look of disappointment in their eyes. At the end of one of my anger management, the councilor said to me "Sometimes when we make mistakes, it's because we are destined to learn something important."

That experience taught me a lot. I learnt that it only takes a matter of seconds to make a decision that will change the course that your life. It pays to take a second and think about the consequences of your actions. Though my mistake cost me an opportunity that I can never get back, it also helped to mold me into the person I am today. I have since learnt to control my anger and remain calm during times of great chaos. I serve unofficially on the disciplinary committee and my ability to maintain my composure enables me to enforce school rules while being a confidant for fellow students. I may not wear the badge but I do play the role and for me, that's more than enough. Since then, I have learnt to embrace failure because our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up each time we fail.

Please help me.. any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I have exactly 650 words.

I will suggest taking out your first paragraph until "Throughout.." because the first part of your essay is stating the obvious about failure and it is very cliched. I feel like this essay is more appropriate in the addition information section of the common app. If you think about it, what did you fail at? You failed at maintaing a spotless record? You ruined your reputation? What did you try to achieve that resulted into a failure? Your essay doesn't have a clear answer and it mostly talks about your feelings and experienced during this unknown "failure."

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